Fish Oil in Cancer Prevention

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Running head: FISH OIL IN CANCEER PREVENTIONFISH OIL IN CANCEER PREVENTIONName if the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1FISH OIL IN CANCEER PREVENTIONIntroduction:The constituents of the fish oil are believed by many to be a curer of osteoarthritis and thereforeit is used by many as an alternative medicine to get relief form symptoms of osteoarthritis.Therefore, the patient in the case study has come to healthcare professional to be sure of thismedication. The healthcare professional has to use a proper database to search for its evidencewhich should be authentic and therefore be helpful for advising the patient with the medication.Depending upon the clinical question, the healthcare professional has to conduct a propersearch so that he can get the right articles which would help him or her to answer the query of thepatient. At first he or she needs to apply proper key words in the search boxes. The followingtable can be used:Keywords/searchterms/phrasesAlternative words/spellingPOld women withosteoarthritisOld women affected byosteoarthritis, older womenliving with osteoarthritis,aged women withosteoarthritis, Older womensuffering from osteoarthritisIUse of fish oilIntake of fish oil capsules,taking of fish oil containingomega 3 fatty acidsCOld women who does not usefish oil as an interventionsAged women who do nottake fish oil, old women whoare ignorant, old women whodo not take fish oilOReduction in pain Reduction of inflammation,increase of quality living,proper
2FISH OIL IN CANCEER PREVENTIONThere are many databases that healthcare professionals can use for finding the answers ofPico question through evidence based searches. The first database that can be used to find fruitfulresults of the selected clinical questions is the Cochrane Reviews. It is named after ArchieCochrane and is a renowned database which is handled by healthcare specialties provided byCochrane and other organizations. It is actually a database which mainly contains the systematicreviews as well as meta-analysis which ultimately help the healthcare professional to summarizeand interpret the results of the medical researchers (Beckles et al., 2013). Besides, it alsocontains papers of well conducted trails which acts as the key source of evidence based medicineand evidence based practices for healthcare professionals. Another database that can also be usedis the Cinahl database which actually has the full name of Cumulative Index to Nursing andAllied Health Literature. The database is one of the most widely used as well as respectedresearch tool for nursing professionals and students along with other health professionals. This istheir first choice whenever they have to search evidence for their clinical questions (Butler, Hall& Copnell, 2016). They have journal articles which are mainly based on a variety of subjects likemedicine, nursing technologies, betterment of treatments and many others in healthcare domains.The papers are authentic and provide the work of some of the renowned researchers of the worldwhose work is held a very high value in modern day healthcare. The main database selected forthis study would be Cinahl.ActionsSearch modeResultsLimiters(orexpanders)S1Fish oil ANDosteoarthritisAND – Booleanoperation15Limiters – Englsihlanguage, 2009-2017Expander – all textS2Fish oil use IN09Limiters – Englsih

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