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ASSESSMENT 2Student name:Student number:Trainer/Assessor:Term/Year:BSBFIA401A Prepare financial reportsFNS40610 Certificate IV in Accounting Due date:Date submitted:Assessment 2: Written AssessmentElements: AllPerformance Criteria: AllInstructions to the StudentsStudents must keep a copy of this assessment.Plagiarism/Cheating is a serious offence. If a student is found plagiarising/cheating, it may result in a penalty of suspension/cancellation of student’s enrolment.I declare that this assessment is my own work. The material in this has not been submitted inany other formal course of study.Student signature:Date:Students to retain this section as proof of AssessmentStudent name:Student number:BSBFIA401A Prepare financial reportsAssessment 2: Written AssessmentStudent signature:Trainer/Assessor signature:Date:Unit Outline - Version 1.3Page1 of 5Last Updated: Feb 2013FNS40610Certificate IVin Accounting

Macquarie InstituteFNS40610 Certificate IV in AccountingBSBFIA401A Prepare financial reportsIntroductionThis written assessment has been designed to assess the criteria associated with thecompetency BSBFIA401A Prepare financial reports.To achieve competency in this unit, aperson must be able to demonstrate:preparing financial reports applying the Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards applying double-entry principles.This competency is part of the awardFNS40610 Certificate IV in Accounting. Instructions: This written assessment is to be completed according to the instructions given by your assessor. Listen carefully to these instructions. TimeYou will be given a set amount of time to complete the written assessment. Marking guideThe written assessment is divided into sections that relate to the unit of competency, the different elements of competency and required knowledge. You must answer each question correctly. Each question has been allocated a mark and this is shown in the written assessment. Your final mark will be recorded in the results. Results and feedbackShould you not answer the questions correctly, you will be given feedback on the results and your gaps in knowledge. You will be given another opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to be deemed competent for this unit of competency. If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from yourassessor. Please refer to the College re-submission and re-sit policy for more information. Assessment rulesThis is a closed book written assessment. The written assessment is to be completed according to the instructions given by your assessor. Listen carefully.You will be given 3 hours to complete the written assessment.Written assessment must be written in blue or black pen.No copying from other students.Failure to adhere to these rules will result in penalties.Penalty for late submission10% off mark per day that it is late. After three (3) days overdue it’s a zero mark, unless thereare special extenuating circumstances.Assessment 2 - Version 1.3Page 2 of 5Last Updated: February 2013

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