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General DirectionsThis assignment is focused on database design, so there is no database to work with. It will be your job to design one. You will not create the database in MySQL; we will cover that topic later. Instead,you will demonstrate your understanding of design principles. In the last task, you will create your own database design. I do not want a drawing of the database design, although that may help you conceptualize the design, so I recommend it if it helps. However, do not turn in the drawing.For the final task, your database design should be a collection of tables that are described one at a time in this format. The foreign key is optional and should only be listed if it applies.tablename(column1, column2, ...columnN)primary key: columnname[foreign key: columnname]The tablename should be the name of the table and the parentheses should hold the list of all of the column names in that table. Here is an example of a table named HOTELROOM that has four columns (RoomNum, type, price, GuestNum). The Primary key column name is RoomNum and the foreign key column name is GuestNum:HOTELROOM(RoomNum, type, price, GuestNum)Primary Key:RoomNumForeign Key:GuestNumThe database design should include all tables listed in any order.Task 01:There is a hypothetical hotel that keeps track of all of their rooms in the hotel and all of the guests in each of the rooms. They have two tables that have the following structure:HOTELROOM(RoomNum, type, price)Primary Key:RoomNumGUEST(GuestNum, name, address)Primary Key:GuestNumNote that there is currently no relationship between the tables.Here is the data (see below).

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