Assignment on Glazing Car Body Design Aspects

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Glazing Car body design aspects1Name:Course:Professor:Date:
Glazing Car body design aspects2Glazing Car body design aspectsIntroductionGlazing in the vehicle body is able to play a vital role which focuses on enhancing boththe strength and stiffness of the vehicle body. In automotive and vehicle body design, the glazinghas critical characteristics which it plays to improve better designs (Mohammad, 2011).Automobiles are judges by different aspects and glazing is one of crucial such component used.Glazing evolution has taken place for a long time. The glazing manufacturers look to improvethe various characteristics of the glazing systems in order to meet the user’s needs (Teicher &Hüttentechnische, 2006). Glazing is connected with the use of glass in the vehicle design. Thereare different aspects which the glazing aspect has to respond to ensure safety and aesthetics ofthe design are achieved. The glazing manufacturers are in constant innovation era in order toprovide technical solutions in order to meet the automobile manufacturer’s aspects as well as endusers aspects of vehicle design. The glazing manufacturers have to consider the aspects ofcomfort, safety and security ad they design the glazing systems for the automobiles.Figure1: Key parts which are essential to automobiles
Glazing Car body design aspects3Characteristics of glazing systemsThere are some key characteristics which the glazing systems have to meet in theautomobile body design aspects. Some of the key characteristics which are related to the glazingfactors include the better visibility for the driver and other passengers in the vehicle. Visibility inthe automobile is a crucial parameter which enhances the security and accident-free cars. Theglazing systems play the most critical parts in ensuring that the users of the autos have a wideview of the road (Robert Bosch et al, 2014). The increased look provides that the drivers are ableto make their decisions without being limited to the view options. The increased visibility ismeant to ensure that the will react to situations and make viable choices to avoid collisions.Excellent visibility is one of the key characteristics which enhance the safety and visual comfortof the automobile. Some of the key issues which the glazing factor addresses regarding vision arethe reduction of bright sunlight glare, rain smears on the windscreen among others (Marur,2013). Windshield installation nowadays is done at an angle, which plays a significant part in theglare. This characteristic helps to enhance the viewing of the driver.Figure2: interaction between light and glazing system
Glazing Car body design aspects4Another key characteristic of the glazing system of the automobiles is the safety andsecurity of the end user of the automobile (David & Hayes, 2015). In addition, the lamination isdone through ‘sandwiching’ plastic between the glasses. During an impact, although the glazingmay fracture, the plastic interlayer will hold the pieces and therefore able to enhance the safetyof the passengers. The plastic ensures that the hazards of the sharp glass during accidents arereduced (Yamaguchi & Takasu, 2015). The glazing factor and especially on the windscreen isable to absorb energy during impacts and prevent the injection of the driver and passenger.Moreover, the laminated glass on the windows is able to enhance the performance of theautomobile airbags. The glass is able to offer the necessary support during and inflation.Figure3: Structural aspects of glazing in the windscreenAnother critical characteristic of the automotive glazing in the vehicle body is a betterprotection from temperature changes. Solar control glazing is a key characteristic which canenhance the temperature protection. The solar glazing has a crucial coating which is able toreduce the transmission of the solar heat from the external environment (Aldinger, 2015). The
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