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Running Head: GLOBAL BUSINESS DYNAMICSGlobal Business DynamicsStudent NameCourse Code
1GLOBAL BUSINESS DYNAMICSCase I: Facebook’s Internet.Org InitiativeSummaryFacebook in the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg launched an internet initiative with thename in which it aimed to provide internet connection to every single human beingon the planet. It was a very ambitious project launched in 2013. This crusade of internetconnectivity has been partially successful in making people of the countries like Zambia,Paraguay, Indonesia, Philippines, Rwanda and Kenya online (Aivazidouet al.2017). The mainaim of this initiative was to target a huge internet market in the country of India and many otherdeveloping nations. This initiative was termed to be a mixture of a business prospect along withthe concept of philanthropy. But it was criticized by the press and many other players in the ITworld as it seemed to them that Facebook plotting to get more number of users in the backdropof this initiative. It was shown that from this initiative Facebook will gain monetarily and willgain exponentially from the bottom of the pyramid (Bateset al.2017). There were manydiscussions and debates as this initiative was in contradiction with the net neutrality conceptwhich allowed internet users to access any website without any restrictions created by monopoly,as the Facebook was orchestrating.Q1. Outline of Facebook’s is an initiative which comprises of partnership between many socialnetworking players on the internet such as Facebook, Qualcomm, MediaTek Samsung, Nokia,Ericsson and Opera Software. This plan aimed to provide very cheap internet access to someselected internet services in some underdeveloped countries where there is a paucity of internetconnectivity and people are unaware of the facilities of internet (Beeleret al.2017). This
2GLOBAL BUSINESS DYNAMICSinitiative plans to increase the efficiency and providing new models of business models whichrevolves around the internet access. A web application named Free Basics was developed toexecute this initiative which gained much popularity in very less time.This initiative was criticized on a global level as it violated the concept of net neutralitybecause it contained some handpicked internet services which the people will be able to use ifthey are using the system. This created a sense of discrimination against the serviceswhich were not included in the scheme (Bowie 2017). The main aim of Internet .org initiativewas to provide internet access to the two third of the world population which is deprived of thebenefits of the internet services. The concerned partners in this initiative were looking forward toprovide affordable and efficient system on internet access which was misinterpreted. initiative has plans of using compressed data transfer methods to increase the speedof internet connectivity so that more amounts of data can be sent in less time and with the help ofminimum infrastructure cost (Broeders 2017).Solution:The best solution to the problem of net neutrality which the initiativefaced is providing the entire internet services in the scheme so that there is no discrimination inthe eyes of competitors.Q2. Impact of on emerging economiesInternet has changed the dynamics of business and economy of the entire world. It can beobserved that all the developed nations have free and high speed internet connectivity which hasbecome the most basic requirement to do all the things in daily life. The prospect and impact ofinternet is increasing day by day on the lives of people (Ferraroet al.2017). Mark Zuckerbergchampioned the economic implications of free internet which is why he launched
3GLOBAL BUSINESS DYNAMICSinitiative. He understood the fact that people who have the power of internet access have thepower to gain a lot in especially in economic prospect. initiative was launchedkeeping in mind that countries which are deprived of internet access are living in a primitive ageand have no future opportunities to change their economic status. If the initiativesuccessful in its pilot program then the countries, who will take part in the scheme will radicallychange their economic condition (Hsueh 2017). There will exploration of huge untapped marketopportunities which will have a major positive impact on the global economy. Economies wherebusiness is still done manually and have no idea about the services of internet which will maketheir business faster and easier and less costly could exploit this opportunity to become self-sustainable and can expand their business on the international level which will mutually benefitboth, their indigenous economy as well as the global economy. People of the underdevelopedeconomies will explore new horizons of business opportunities by using the internet servicesprovided by the initiative (Huanget al.2017).Solution:The problem of initiative to reach underdeveloped countries is the lack ofmodern infrastructure which can be solved by involving the local governments in support of theinitiative.Q3: Serving the bottom of the pyramid or Facebook trying to expand its reach.The entire initiative was under the crosshairs of debates and criticism thatFacebook is trying to use this initiative as a cover to bottom feed by exploiting the base of thepyramid and is trying to gain from the economic benefits of this initiative to reach new levels ofbusiness goals (Karamet al.2017). Many players on the global level were vocal about theulterior motives of Facebook for launching the initiative. Facebook had to face many
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