Conflict Management Strategies for XYZ Company


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Guidelines for the project Title of the project: A study of Conflict Management Strategies of XYZ CompanyLearning Outcome: Illustrate the theories of leadership, power and conflict resolution as applied to the workplace settingMarks Allocation: Project Report: 15 Marks Presentation: 5 Marks Group members: Minimum 2 Maximum 5 Selection of Topic: Students can select any topics related to Conflict Management Strategies, which can contribute towards the achievement of the above learning outcome. Online Submission of the projectThe last date of submission of Project Report of MGT 301 is on Monday 5th December 2016 at 11.59 Midnight Group leader has to submit the Project Report All group members should write their names and ID Nos. on the cover page of the project Declaration Forms should be signed by all the group members Do not submit the project twice. Before submitting the project report, please check it properly and then submit Late submission is not acceptable. The Arrangement of the Contents of the Project Paper All project papers should be divided into appropriate chapters. The onus is on the students to provide awell-organized and well-written work. The following ordered list of project paper contents is supposed toserve as a guide. List of Sectionsa. Preliminary pages i.Title Page ii.Table of Contents- iii.Acknowledgements - optionaliv.Declaration b. Text i.Chapter One: Introduction ii.Chapter Two: Literature Review
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