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Running head: NURSINGNursingName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1NURSINGThe Calvary Health care Bethlehem is a hospital in Caulfield which is being recognizedas the best hospital which mainly provides health care services in mainly two fields. These arethe Specialist Progressive Neural Disease Service for the patients those who are suffering fromthe Progressive Neurological Disease and specialist Palliative Care for the patients those whoneed end of life care. The services of the Calvary healthcare Bethlehem are important to thecommunity of Victoria, which supports more than 4000 patients along with their families everyyear (Dredge et al, 2017).The palliative care team at Calvary healthcare Bethlehem is recruited only to address theneeds of the patient and their families. This type of care is being coordinated and focused on anindividual for improving their quality of life. They first understand the illness which has affectedthe person. Then they try to relieve the pain and some other signs of stress. They provide supportto the family of the patient and also offer support to the families after the death of the patient(Runacres, Gregory & Ugalde, 2016).The Progressive Neurological Disease Service at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem used tooffer a range of multidisciplinary tasks, management services and education for the peoplediagnosed with PND. For providing this service a multidisciplinary team was given the charge ofcare. This team includes specialists of medical such as neurologists, respiratory physicians,neuro-psychiatrists, and the physicians giving palliative care (Mathers, 2013). This team alsoincludes allied health specialists such as physiotherapists, dietitians, clinical psychologists,speech pathologists and neuropsychologists. Some volunteers, community care workers,researchers, caregivers, pastoral care workers and some specialist neurological nurse are alsofound in the team. During this specialist care the team used to work very closely together withthe other health care professional which also includes some organizations that are based on the
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