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Written Assessment – Nursing Theorists and the History of Nursing

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Added on  2023-01-12

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This assessment task focuses on nursing theorists and the history of nursing. It includes a brief biography of a chosen nursing theorist, a summary of the chosen nursing theory, and its relevance to modern nursing care and practice. It also discusses the evolution of enrolled nursing education over the decades and the development of the Enrolled Nurse Standards for Practice.

Written Assessment – Nursing Theorists and the History of Nursing

   Added on 2023-01-12

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Assessment Task 1: Written Assessment Nursing
Theorists and the History of Nursing
Student Version: Knowledge
Student information
Section A – Program/Course details
Qualification code: HLT54115 Qualification title: Diploma of Nursing
Unit code: HLTENN001 Unit title: Practice nursing within the
Australian health care system
Section B – Assessment task details
Assessment number: 1/3 Semester/Year: Enter Semester/Year.
Due date: To be provided by your
Duration of assessment: Copy and paste here from Assessor
Assessment task
This assessment task will be marked as:
Ungraded result: Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory
Other (eg points): Graded
Section C – Instructions to students
Task instructions:
· This assessment can be answered as paragraphs using sub-headings. It does NOT have to be
submitted in essay format.
· This is an individual assessment.
· This assignment must be submitted electronically via Brightspace as a WORD document
· You must keep a hard and soft copy of all work submitted.
· You must use APA 6 style references to support your work.
· The laws of copyright mean that you cannot copy or cut and paste text from resource material
without appropriate attribution. Plagiarism is considered serious academic misconduct.
· Please refer to the Diploma of Nursing Learner Handbook 2020 and subject Brightspace for
submission guidelines.
· Students must successfully complete all the answers to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment
at a PASS grade.
Written Assessment – Nursing Theorists and the History of Nursing_1
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Section D – Conditions for assessment
This is an individual assessment that will be completed over the duration of the unit.
This assessment is worth 30% of your final grade for this unit
There is no minimum word count, the maximum word count is 1500 +/-10%
Discuss with your assessor if you feel you require special consideration or adjustment for this task
You must meet all the conditions in the marking guide to achieve a satisfactory outcome in this task.
You must pass all the questions in order to pass the assessment.
If you fail an assessment, your progress will be reviewed and eligibility for one resubmission will be
determined by the Lead Teacher and Education Manager as per departmental policy listed in the
Learner Handbook
· If your work is marked ‘unsatisfactory’ and you are eligible for resubmission, you may resubmit this
task within the enrolment period as per Holmesglen assessment policy.
· Where relevant, remediation may be offered prior to a resubmission.
· You may appeal and assessment decision according to the Holmesglen procedure.
· If you pass a resubmission you will be awarded a Pass (50%) mark.
Equipment/resources students must supply: Equipment/resources to be provided by the RTO:
Laptop/computer Assessment on Brightspace
Written Assessment – Nursing Theorists and the History of Nursing_2
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Section E – Marking Guide
Assessment number: 1 Assessment title: Written Assessment – Nursing Theorists and the
History of Nursing
Student ID: Student name:
Unit code: HLTENN001 Unit title: Practice nursing within the Australian health care
Criteria for assessment
Yes No
The following has been submitted for assessment:
The assignment must be submitted via Brightspace in
WORD format
Marking criteria for each product document/s supplied.
Question 1
Element 4: Work in the context of professional nursing practice. Performance Criteria: 4.2
Knowledge Evidence:
1. Chose one of the following nursing theorists:
Write a brief biography of your chosen nursing theorist (200 words)
Answer: Henderson Nursing Theory: Virginia Avenel Henderson (November 30, 1897 –
March 19, 1996) was a nurse, theorist, and author known for her Need Theory and has provided the
definition of nursing. Henderson is also known as the Nightingale of Modern nursing. Henderson has
received her early education from the Virginia. She also received the diploma of nursing from the
Reed hospital which has been situated in Washington DC. She also started teaching in Protestant
Hospital in Virginia. It has been analyzed that she travelled the whole word to inspire nurses as well
as health care professionals (O'brien, 2017).
She makes them realize their basic duties so that patient’s casual needs can be fulfilled and
holistic care can be provided to them. She also generated the need theory in which she have focused on
the independence of patients and has also laid emphasis on basic human needs. The theorist also
provided the basic principle of nursing care. It provided the information that service users has various
bio-psychological needs that must be fulfilled in order to enhance health outcome of service users. She
has also been honored with various awards. Henderson also provided the details that patient must be
provided supportive environment, this will help nurses in keeping them healthy.
Written Assessment – Nursing Theorists and the History of Nursing_3

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