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Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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HUMAN RELATIONS IN ADMIN1I can communicate capably, but sometimes I experience problems in communicating. I take thetime to think about the approach I am taking to communicate and focus on the messages which Ireceive and send them. My skills for solving problems are excellent as I can easily relate andidentify the obstacles, opportunities as well as implement and develop the solutions which areeffective in nature and which proves the best to solve those problems. I possess a go-getterattitude towards any issues which I face, and I can solve it properly with every possible effort(Broadbent, et al., 2013).I possess an internal locus of control as I can influence many events and the outcomes of thoseevents. However, I lack the external locus of control as I do not have such habit to blame theforces of outside environment. I can control my life very well, and all the events which arehappening are also well organized by me. While communicating with strangers, I experiencemild burnout as I have to frame my language and context that is easily understood by them. Also,I fear that any confidential information must not get leaked out by me while communicating withany stranger. My stress level scores are below 100 as I do not take much stress. It is alwaysbetweenlow to moderate levels even in the cases of high-pressure environments when the stresslevelsusuallygoesupincertaincases.On communication I received 44 scores- I can communicate capably with fewer errors and moreconfidence, but sometimes I experience problems in communicating. I always need time to thinkabout the approach I am taking to communicate with others and also focus on the messageswhich I receive and send to others. On Problem Solving I received 57 scores- My approach tosolving a problem is a “hit-and-miss.” My solutions to any problem I face depends upon thecircumstances. Sometimes it goes well, and at other times it does not go well. I can understand
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