Report of Human Resource Management - ASDA company

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Report of Human Resource Management - ASDA company

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Human Resource Management
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INTRODUCTIONHuman resource management of an organisation helps the organisation to manage humanresources. Human resource management is the part HR department of the organisation. It is aprime responsibility of HR management of the organisation to provide efficient and skilledemployees to the organisation (Bratton and Gold, Anderson, 2013). ASDA is the second largestsupermarket store working in UK. ASDA is also a part of WALMART which is the largestsupermarket chain across the world. It has one venture too which provides finance facilities toits customers named ASDA Money. The firm needs skilled and professional employees to createbest customer relationships and management operation. This report of human resourcemanagement is designed in reference of the refereed company. The recruitment, selection,training, appraisal and development explained in respect of ASDA company.TASK 1P1. Purpose and Function of Human Resource Management :It is an organisational function that focuses on increasing the performance of employeesin most effective and efficient way corresponding to their role in an organization (Armstrong andTaylor, 2014). It is all about recruitment, compensation, selection, development, training,motivation, performance appraisal, workforce planning, and benefits etc. Every business firmrequire HR department to plan such activities and make people committed to their jobs. Theirmain objective is to optimize the use of resources, desirable workable environment andmaximize the output of individuals. They need to start with the Recruitment process where theysearch for the potential employee and attract them to apply. The goal of this is to do screeningand selection of desired candidates on the basis of certain criteria of that job. After this, Selectiontakes place which means choosing the best suitable one and then the process continues withvarious other techniques. ASDA is the UK 2nd largest supermarket which believes that ifemployees are satisfied, then customer will automatically enjoy shopping with the firm. Theirmotto is to keep their workforce satisfied and help each other in a safe family of trust andrespect. HRM function can be categorized into following elements :Managerial Functions:1
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Planning : It is the foremost step of every organisation which helps in making theirspecific goals and objectives. ASDA use it to assess the present and future needs of theircompany so as to maintain a proper balance between supply and demand. Organising : After, understanding the goal, it is required to develop design and structureto achieve those purpose. HRM divide the task among personnel on the basis of their capabilitiesas team or individual .Directing : This function, focuses on motivating the workforce so that they can give bestin their performance and utilise the resources in most effective way. Controlling : It helps to analyse the performance of employees. By this ASDA can detecterrors of their colleagues and tries to improve them and give appraisal for their work. Operative Function Recruitment: It is the process to identify prospective people who requires workfrom the pool of talent. Advertisement, magazines, newspaper, television, social mediaare the various forms it. Selection : It means to put potential people to the right job. Critically screening ofapplied applicants takes place and then, finding best among them. Training and Development : ASDA focuses on serving best to its workforce inthe form of Best Welcome Induction, Star Programme, Employee's steps for careerprogression, TNT Leaders, Offers various Educational Programmes which help them todevelop, gain knowledge and update themselves with changing world. Remuneration : Reward for the work done by the colleagues for services or employment.ASDA believes on the concept of equality. Therefore, giving fair wages for the workdone by them. P2. Strength and Weakness of different methods of Recruitment and Selection : Internal and External are two sources that affect the process of Recruitment. Organisationmay choose any of the factor among them (Beardwell and Thompson, 2014).Internal Recruitment: Under this, ASDA can give employment to their current or existingworkforce. Present Employees, Referrals, Former colleagues, Transfer or Promotion are theexamples of this. 2
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