Issues Faced During Job Analysis in Human Resource Management


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Human Resource Management
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The essay throws light on the overall analysis of the issue which has been faced by me
during simulation of job analysis programme. With proper reference to the literature, the
different aspects are required to be identified that has assisted the team in handling the
different issues related to the job analysis aspect in the organization. Furthermore, the various
implications of human resource management on the special event is required to be discussed
as well which will be beneficial in managing the issues related to job analysis.
As commented by Noe et al. (2017), job analysis is defined as the process which helps
in the overall identification along with the determination of the particular job details as well
as responsibilities in a detailed manner. Moreover, as hypothesised by Morgeson et al.
(2016), it is the process which is utilized to collect the different information regarding the
duties along with the work environment of a particular job. There is the inclusion of different
kinds of problems which can be faced while implementing the job analysis process such as
lack of support from management which should be analyzed and solve them appropriately.
Issues Faced During Job Analysis
During my internship period while I was working as a trainee Human Resource
Assistant in “ABC Company”, there were few issues which were faced by me during the
process of conducting the job analysis. As commented by Liu, Aungsuroch and Yunibhand
(2016), the job analysis consists of two major parts such as job specification and the job
description which separately includes different kinds of features. Furthermore, as opined by
Landau and Rohmert (2017), job analysis is effective for the overall management of the
different kinds of personnel activities which includes human resource planning, training and
development, performance appraisal along with health and safety of the diverse employees.
Issues Faced During Job Analysis in Human Resource Management_2

The main issue which was faced during the process of job analysis is that there was a
lack of cooperation from the different employees for the training and development for
attaining the knowledge regarding the job duties and responsibilities. As hypothesised by
Lancee (2016), job analysis includes training and development program which helps in
generating knowledge along with skills to acquire the different job requirements effectively.
However, in my scenario, there was no cooperation among employees as they were not able
to acquire job requirements such as job rotation.
It was a sheer wastage of time along with money for the training of employees to
conduct the process of job analysis. Moreover, when I was facing the respective scenario,
there was no such support from the management which affected my morale and the job
analysis was not done accordingly. There was improper communication between the top-level
management and employees which was negatively taken by employees.
Besides, the other issue which was faced by me during the process of job analysis
includes that the different employees or the team members felt that I was being biased
regarding the performance appraisal process. While I was working as an intern, I was being
provided with the responsibility to conduct the performance appraisal of the existing team
members who were working in my team. In conducting the respective process, it was seen
and analyzed that few employees felt that my opinion regarding the performance appraisal
was biased and without any proper usage of real and accurate data, I have randomly rated the
These are the two major issues which were faced by me during the entire process of
job analysis in the respective organization, and it affected my working skills as there was a
decrease in my morale and I could not give my best in managing the different activities. As
opined by Hibbert and Thordarson (2016), the job analysis is the hub of virtually conducted
Issues Faced During Job Analysis in Human Resource Management_3

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