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INTRODUCTION The report HRM deals with different aspects and approaches of HRM practices by taking MarksAnd Spencer for a better understanding. It starts with overview of the company and differentmethods used by the company and its strength and weakness. The report consists of variousemployment rules Marks and Spencer has to follow along with the effectiveness of employmentrelationship. The report ends with job specification and special notes for selecting candidates.TASK 1Overview of organisationMarks and Spencer is a UK based public limited company which deals in clothing, homedecor products and also food and beverages. It targets the women of upper middle class andhigher class for selling their products (Bondarouk, T., 2016).It has expanded its stores and outlets in many countries with efficient workforce and clear vision.Marks and Spencer has emerged as a threat to its competitors with continuous improvement inthe quality of its product which satisfy its customers. It offers wide range of products to its customers with quality and innovation. Recently, Marksand Spencer's profit has been decline and many of its stores shut down due to heavy competitionand financial performance of M and S has declined (Stone and, 2015).Purpose and key role and responsibilities of HR function Human resource management is the process of managing people in the company. Marksand Spencer involves recruiting candidates, selecting the best candidate, train them and motivatethem to work hard to achieve organisational goals. HRM of M and S deals with maintaining relation with trade unions, ensure safety ofemployees, their welfare in context to laws. HRM deals with different functions that are planningthe goals of the company, organising tasks to achieve that goal, then directing the employees togive best services to their customers and then maintain it to give competition to other clothingcompanies. The HR of Marks and Spencer perform activities like recruiting the candidates at stores wherethere is need then analysing their performance in context to their productivity and sales and thenmotivation the employees of the company by providing them discount at their stores and thentrain them for further development if new technology is adopted by the company.
M and S uses two model for HR strategy where the best fit model make sure thatstrategies of the company are suitable for every situation and do not impact operations andculture of work and on the other hand for gaining competitive advantage M and S use bestpractice model because it focuses on committed employees and the company do it by hiringselective candidates, providing high security and compensation (Berman and, 2019).M and S uses two models of HRM which are hard model and soft model. The company useshard model to minimise the cost in the company. The company makes sure that its seniormanagement are preventing the company from operational barriers. The company uses soft approach more than hard approach as it involves motivating employees,their training and development and also their importance in the company. M and S use theadvantage of team work for the achievement of goals and success of the company.Weakness and strength of different approaches of HRDifferent approaches of HR are needed to plan workforce of the organisation to meet goals of thecompany along with efficient services and production. These need to be efficient for smoothoperations. They are -Recruitment – The process of inviting the candidates for specific position to work and tocreate pool of candidates so that the company can choose the best fit candidate. Marks andSpencer both sources of recruitment whether internal or external. In internal recruitment the company hire the candidate for a position from company itself bypromoting them or transferring them.Strength WeaknessIt saves time and cost of the company.Training and induction is not required.It does not provide company to have freshtalent.It lacks creativity and innovation in the work.In external recruitment the company recruits candidates from outside the organisation byadvertisement and employee referrals.StrengthWeaknessIt enables company to have fresh pool oftalent.This method treats each candidate equally It is not cost efficient and time consumingmethod.New candidates demand more compensation
which reduce the chance of biasses. and security.Selection – The process of selecting the best candidate and eliminating other candidateswho does not fit for the job. The two way in which Marks and Spencer select the candidates are -Aptitude tests – M and S use aptitude tests to select the candidates on the basis ofjudging their numerical, verbal ability. The candidates are judge on the basis of their knowledgeand performance in the test.StrengthWeaknessThis helps the company to Judge the abilityand mental skills of the candidateIt does not show the performance aspect of thecandidate.Situational judgement test – to see the ability of the candidate they are allotted withunfamiliar situations that they likely to face while working in marks and Spencer.StrengthWeaknessIt helps the company to judge the decisionmaking power of the candidate.The answers can be manipulated andinterviewer can be bias. Training and development – Every employee needs continuous training anddevelopment to keep on improving their skills and knowledge. Marks and Spencer uses in storetechnology strategy to train their staff for providing better services to the customers.StrengthWeaknessIt leads to less employee turnover andincreases the sales skills of employee.In case if employee leaves it leads to loss ofresources of company.Effectiveness of employee relation and employee performanceEmployee relation refers to the relationship between different employees among themselves aswell as the employer. If the relationship between employee and employer is efficient the workingenvironment of company get smooth and efficient. There are few ways used by Marks andSpencer to maintain employee relation which are -Open communication – To promote and improve employee relation the company used opencommunication which increased the productivity of the company and increased its sales(Jabbour, 2016)

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