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RUNNING HEAD: Human resoureces management1Human resources management
Human resoureces managemen2Introduction In this report, adamantine study has been conducted on the human resources managementand challenges faced by employees in the complex business conditions. Organization isaccompanied with complex set of activities in which various functions are performed andhandled. This report reflects the human resources management strategies which organizationshould use while handling employee’s hiring and selecting employees in organization. After thatchallenges and problems faced by organization while handling human resources managementpolicies and frameworks have been discussed.
Human resoureces managemen3With the increasing ramification of economic changes and factors of organizationalcomplex business conditions, each and every organization needs to hire human resourcesmanagement department to implement proper level of HRM policies and frameworks. There areseveral companies around the globe which are creating core competency by adopting employee’soriented organizational culture (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). These are the companies suchas Woolworth, Wesfarmers, Tesco and G.E. Capital that have created employees orientedorganizational culture. Human resource management department is essential part of the complexbusiness organization which make efforts to recurring, hiring and training and development ofemployees. It is further observed that if HRM department of organization does not perform itswork in effective manner then it will not only decrease the overall productivity of organizationbut also put negative impact on the business functioning of organization. For instance, if acompany is having employees strength of more than 100 employees then HRM department oforganization will indulged in hiring, training and working program in effective manner(Bamberger, Biron, and Meshoulam, 2014). Furthermore, companies accompanied with complexbusiness functions are more inclined towards setting a separate HRM department. However,HRM department of multination companies are accompanied with several challenges and issuessuch as communication problems, diversity needs and complex business structure. This hasshown that if company could maintain effective hiring and training process then it will increasethe efficiency, productivity and team work in determined approach. In the war of talent, humanresource strategies are the key pillar for the business success (Varma, 2013). After evaluatingthe data from primary and secondary sources, it is observed that if company could make itsorganizational culture more restricted and accompanied by rigid organizational policies anframeworks then it will put negative impact on employee’s working and increase the overall

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