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2ICT PROFESSIONAL SKILLSTask A1. With the help of effective interpersonal communication the students studying on theUniversities will be able to communicate and share their innovative ideas and creativity with theUniversity supervisors. Interpersonal communication provides a platform to the students and tothe lecturers. The basic principles of interpersonal communication are as follows:Inescapable IrreversibleComplicated Contextual 2. Teamwork is referred to as a combined or group action that helps to work effectivelyand much efficiently. Team work helps the group to meet the objectives faster than the actualestimation. 3. Both verbal and non-verbal communication are helpful for sharing ideas with theothers much successfully. 4. Oral presentation gives a wider presentation to the listeners through which the listenerswill be able to understand the details much easily. In the presentation session they are alsoallowed to ask different questions as per their requirement. 5. The ACS code of ethics deal with different factors such as honesty, professionalism,honesty, competence, personal development, professionalism, the primacy of the public interest,the enhancement of the quality of life. These are the individual factors should be followed byevery citizen to successfully implement specific area of ICT industry.
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