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Research ProjectAim“To access influence of technology in travel and tourism sector: A study on TUI” ObjectivesTo identify technologies used in travel and tourismindustry.To explain advantage and disadvantage of implementing the latest technologies on TUI.To determine impact of technologies on business performance of TUI.To suggest way to enhance profitability of the company by implementing the latest technology.Critical analysis of outcomeFrom the above study it has been identified that technology impact on tourism industry to great extent. There are many tour operators those prefer to advertise their travel package through advertisement each day. It is the best platform that supports the country in attracting more visitors towards the location. But social media marketing is the best digital technology that can help the tour operator in attracting more people towards the nation. In the recent time many people use Facbook, Twitter etc. this platform is best suitable digital technology as compare to website advertisement in order to raise number of visitors in the country. Most of the people buy tickets online. E-commerce and electronic booking system have changed the scenario of tourism industry. By this way people can search about the destination and can book their ticket easily. It is analysed that promotional activities are considered as best strategies that attract people, by offering discounts to consumer’s tour operations can gain attention of the traveller and can influencetheir decision.Research methodsPresent study will take support of interpretivism research philosophy. By involving theories and model scholar will be able to answers these research questions. Researcher will apply descriptive research design. The entire study will be qualitative in nature and scholar will involve human participants in order to gather first hand information about technologies in traveland tourism industry Theme 1: Number of advertisements prefer to put on your website each dayTheme 2: Factors that have stronger influence on customer’s choice of holidayTheme 4: Online website and facility to get the tickets booked from there, serves the requirement of customersTheme 5: Present promotional or discount offers on TUI’s website or its social media accountsTheme 6: Bring improvement in overall technological experience of customersRecommendationsUse of social media: TUI should use Facebook, Twitter sites topromote its brand. By this it will be able to make connectionwith mass audience and will be able to identify their needs.This is the best way that can support in attracting peopletowards destination.Development of mobile application: TUI should develop itsown mobile application through which consumers can get alldetail of travel, location, timing, rate etc. This will help them infinding all details soon. This will help in increasing revenues ofTUI to great extent.Pancho, A. and Afonso, C., 2018. Mobile as payment: the role of early adopters’perceptions in mobile payment reuse intention in the travel industry. turismo e competitividade dos destinos turísticos, pp.28.Avilés-González, J. F., Avilés-Sacoto, S. V. and Cárdenas-Barrón, L. E., 2017. An overview of tourism supply chains management and optimization models (TSCM–OM). In Handbook of Research on Holistic Optimization Techniques in the Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel Industry (pp. 227-250). IGI Global.Theme 3: People choose to book their tickets onlineTheme 5: Present promotional or discount offers on TUI’s website or its social media accountsREFERENCESWen, I., Tsai, H. and Bai, B., 2016, May. Glo1657 Examiningthe Impacts of Information Overload and Consumer Confusionon Communication and Decision-Making in the TravelIndustry. In 2nd Global Tourism & Hospitality Conference (p.67).Hoffman, C. and Offutt, B., 2015. Travel innovation andtechnology trends 2015.

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