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Theoretical framework
The authors try to provide informations about the change strategies of organizations
when implementing ITIL. This as said has a strong connection with the success or the failure
of ITIL implementation within an organization. Considering the fact that global spending on
ICT or information and communication technology has grown and that IT services contribute
up to 60-90 percent of the total cost related to IT ownership, there is a need to implement
ITIL that is Information Technology Infrastructure Library. In order to understand ITIL
implementation one needs to get an idea of what ITIL actually is. The authors have provided
a definition for their readers to get an idea of the thing. The discussion to the main topic starts
with a brief definition of ITIL that says it is a process-based framework for IT service
management or ITSM. This focuses on two main factors that are IT production and the
operational quality issues. The content of the article is well structured as after getting to
know about the definition one would certainly think for the advantages of the framework and
the authors provide the answer just after that. The benefits that an organization can receive
after implementing ITIL are standardization of the IT services, enhance customer satisfaction
and bring an increase in not only the reliability but also the availability of the IT services.
Then there could be question on the minds of a reader as why this is said to complex
framework and the answer aptly provided by the authors. This is said to be a complex
framework as this requires significant work to deploy the same at different critical levels.
This facilitates day-to-day use and is dependent on three elements that are process, people
and tools which also are the main key of the management system. Implementing ITIL
requires the organizations to invest heavily on the process, provide adequate training to the
employees, and bring in changes to the processes, organizational culture and as a whole
various other transformations to the operations of the organization. Implementation of ITIL is
said to be as a complex activity affecting almost every member of an organization. ITIL

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