Importance of Personal Communication in Business

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Running head: COMMUNICATIONCommunicationName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1COMMUNICATIONOption 1In the Option 1, an interview is conducted with a close relative, who has been married forthe last twenty years. The person chosen here for the interview is one of my close relative, mymaternal aunt. She is married for a period of twenty years and she explained her relationshipwith her husband and how they moved to the next level of their relationship and how they passedthrough the years and how their relationship did grow.The relationship which she shared with her husband is something from which one canlearn the happiness and well being of each long lasting relationship of a couple. She told me thatshe is married for a long time and even after all the ups and downs in a relationship theirrelationship grew stronger with time (Brown, Manning & Payne,2017). She said that for a longlasting relationship it is crucial that there is open communication between the both of them. Shetold that in they have a deep understanding about each other strength as well as the flaws andweaknesses; therefore they are able to help them for each other’s growth. She said for arelationship to be successful it is important to have trust and confidence in each other. She toldthat they both inspired each other on their achievement of goals and aspirations (Gottman, 2014).There are usually four stages in a relationship. These are as follows:Stage 1: The Initial Meeting or the infatuation when the relationship usually startsStage 2: The second stage is the stage of understanding. It is the stage when the person startsknowing each other well.Stage 3: The third stage is the stage of enlightenment of becoming a couple. This the stage whenthe disturbances start
2COMMUNICATIONStage 4: This is the stage of commitment, where it is important to make an opinionStage 5: The stage of doubt when it is a difficult phase of the relationship (Gottman &Silver,2015).Stage 6: It is the last phase when it is the stage of complete trust, love and happinessThe most difficult part of the relationship development for them that she shared can beexplained is that when they were initially developing the relationship, they had few problemssuch as financial constraints and difficulty in adjusting with each other’s traits but gradually theydeveloped the commitment in the relationship with time. The most vital answer that she gave isthat it is patience, love and trust in each other that makes a relationship successful. She told mein the interview that during the most difficult and hardest time, it is important to keep the ownidentity. One should keep their own interest and likes and dislikes, which goes same for both thepartners.The analysis of the interviewee as she described about their relation is that they aremarried for a long time and she said that during a tough phase of life when she was facingdifficulty during their post marriage when they faced financial crisis due to the sudden down fallof her husband, they went through a tough phase of life when things did not turn right for themand they supported each other during this phase of life and she never gave hope and supportedher husband, which is important for the long lasting relationship. Thus I feel that after theanalysis, it is important for the relationship to develop in order to have a fulfilling and successfulmarried life (Guerrero, Andersen & Afifi, 2017).
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