In his presentation at QCon 2009 in London, Tony Hoare refers to.

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1.In his presentation at QCon 2009 in London, Tony Hoare refers tohis invention of the null reference as his ``billion-dollarmistake'' because he ``couldn't resist the temptation to put in anull reference, simply because it was so easy toimplement''.Using specific code snippets in Cor C++ (no handwaving please), explain how null references canindeed cause complexities and code insecurities.2.How does the programming language Rust address the issue in the context of guaranteedmemory safety? Contrast Rust with your C/C++ examples.3.Rust also provides threads without data races, trait-based generics, and type inference. Foreach feature,discuss how it helps to improve secure coding. Compare theseconcepts with those used in C or C++, using class discissions and/orthe Seacord textbook.Be specific!4.Suppose you are working for a large company, and the boss givesyou a choice between using Rust or C++ to build a softwareapplciation. From an ethical perspective, discuss which language youwould choose. Explain your reasons clearly.
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