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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENTYour assignment should include a covering page (which does not count towards any noted pagerequirements) that identifies your name and the topic that you have chosen for Part B of theassignment.PART A: INCORPORATING A COMPANYThe purpose of this part of the assignment is to acquaint you with the process of setting up your owncorporation.Assume the following facts:The business you have started with your group needs to incorporateThe members of your group will own the business equallyYou must select a suitable name for your corporationYour group members have decided that no one can sell their shares to third parties without firstoffering them to the remaining shareholders first.You will need to determine the number of directors for your corporationYou will set up a mock corporation using the actual forms required by Alberta Registries to create acorporation. These forms can be found at any registry and are also available online. Please do not askthe instructor to assist you in finding the forms as part of the assignment is for you to find the correctforms.Your task is to determine what documents must be submitted to Alberta Registries and complete thesedocuments.Your completed forms will be submitted on the due date in your individual assignment package alongwith a maximum 1 page word document outlining:1.Any fees that will be incurred to set up your corporation;2.Listing any other documents that you will need to submit to corporate registry with theapplicable forms; and,3.Briefly describing any additional steps that should be taken to get your corporation up andrunning in the province of Alberta (for example, do you need a business license or do you needto make any additional arrangement to run your business as a corporation in Alberta in the cityof Edmonton.I will use the following rubric to asses your grade for this portion of the group assignment:Your grade will be determined as follows:CRITERIAPOSSIBLE MARKS
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