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Implementation and Maintenance PlanAssignment Description50 pointsPresent your strategy for implementing and maintaining the database you have designed.This paper should be a 4 to 7 page MS Word document. It should be formatted using 1.5line spacing and a 12-point font size. The margins of the paper should be 1 inch each.Number the pages and add a project cover page and table of contents. [The required 4 to7 page count does not include the cover page and table of contents.] Do not pad the paperwith extra page breaks, spacing, or verbiage from this assignment description. Criteria forthe paper’s technical content are provided in the following table.At a minimum, this installment of the project documentation shouldinclude the following content:Points*An Implementation section with...1.The software tool(s) you would use to develop the database andwhy;52.Evidence the document is within the scope of the original instructor-provided topic.53.An SQL section containing:a.A basic SQL statement to create your database (5 pts);b.A basic SQL statement to create one of your tables, including thecolumns, primary and foreign keys, data type, length, null/not nulland, if applicable, default values. [Note: Select a table from yourdesign that consists of three or more columns.] (5 pts);c.A basic SQL statement to display all data in the table you created instep 3.b (above) and sorted by one of the columns (5 pts);d.A basic SQL statement to display all data meetinga certain conditionin the table you created in step 3.b (above) (5 pts);e.A single SQL statement that displays data from/acrosstwoof yourtables. [Note: Refer to your database design documentation.] (5 pts);Present the information for this step in a two-column format. The firstcolumn should be used to describe the action. The second columnshould contain the complete SQL statement using the correct syntax.25A Maintenance section with...4.Security measures you will put in place for the database;55.Your strategy for testing, collecting feedback and making futureupdates;56.Your strategy for validating effectiveness at meeting the originalrequirement(s). Identify specific metrics you will collect and analyze.5*Assignments submitted after the due date will only qualify for up to half of the pointvalue.
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