Role of Social Media Marketing in Business

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Individual Presentation
Article:- Role of Social Media Marketing in BusinessFor this assignment the selected article is “Role of Social Media Marketing in Business”which is written by Victoria Schmid. In this article it has been described that social media nowbecome an essential part of business marketing strategy as it provide a platform that helpbusiness in getting connected with customers that increase brand awareness as well as boost upsales. This is because every month more than three billion people throughout the world use socialmedia that provide a greater opportunity to approach larger number of customers at limitedperiod of time. There are several benefits that an organisation get with the help of social mediamarketing which includes brand awareness, presenting authenticity, encourage engagement ofcustomers and many more. These are beneficial as social media support in keeping customersmore engaged with thing the affairs of company by regularly upgrading the information orcontest related with the organisation. In addition to this it also help in presenting authenticity asby presenting the regular post company become able to represent the real image which it holdsthat help in building up trust among customers. This is because followers usually like to see realimage behind a particular social profile so that they can avail services by determining the realidentity of a company. Hence, it can be said that social media is very much helpful for a company as it help inbroking down the barriers between customer as well as service provider. In addition to this socialmedia platform also support an organisation by providing a system through which customercompliance, questions and comments can be tracked in order to determine their expectations. Sothat quick responses can be provided to them so that customer can be satisfied. In order to perform this investigation secondary method of data collection has been usedwhere information is gathered by accessing the online sources over the article named as “Role ofSocial Media Marketing in Business”. In addition to this for performing investigation in effectivemanner qualitative mean of research is used so that proper information can be presented alongwith the justification regrading statements. This is because qualitative type of investigation helpin providing a theoretical framework that are supported with several theories so that particularfacts can be explained in detailed manner to make the investigation more meaningful that help inaccomplishing the main aim behind conduction of research. Despite of all this inductiveapproach is used so that the research can be conducted in a more systematic manner. The main

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