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INDUSTRIALTRAININGGuidelines forStudentsFaculty of Accountancy, Financeand BusinessTunku Abdul Rahman UniversityCollegeFor internal circulation only.All rights reserved.
Table of Contents1Introduction31.1Course Objectives31.2Course Learning Outcomes31.3Teaching Learning And Assessment Strategy31.4Industrial Training Committee42Duration of Industrial Training43Warning Status and Final Warning Status44Application of Industrial Training45Briefing to Students by Programme Leader/Course Coordinator/Internship Tutor66Student’s Codes of Conduct during Industrial Training Application66.1Companies for Industrial Training66.2Allowances for Industrial Training77Confirmation of Industrial Training Placement78Student’s Codes of Conduct during Industrial Training78.1Observance of Rules & Regulations78.2Attendance & Leave Application88.3Disciplinary Action by the University College88.4Insurance Coverage & Claim Procedures89Academic Staff’s Industrial Training Visit910Reports for Industrial Training910.1Reports by Industrial Training Supervisor910.1.1Report on Trainee’s Attendance910.1.2Confidential Report on Trainee1010.2Reports by Students1010.2.1Industrial Training Diary1010.2.2Guidelines to Prepare Industrial Training Diary1110.2.3Industrial Training Report1410.2.4Guidelines to Prepare Industrial Training Report1411Assessment of the Industrial Training1712Problems Enquiry during Industrial Training1813Appendices18Industrial Training: FAFB_SPage2of 3
1IntroductionAll Bachelor (Honours) Degree students in the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Businessare reminded that Industrial Training course is compulsory as part of the requirements forgraduation. Students who did not complete the industrial training will not be able tograduate from the degree programme.1.1Course ObjectivesThe inclusion of the course in the programme is:To expose students to the real business environment and practices.To provide students with hands-on experience in business environment setting.1.2Course Learning OutcomesUpon completion of the course, students should be able:CLO1:Relate concepts and theories in an actual business operation. (C6)CLO2:Show professional ethics and responsibilities in carrying out their duties andresponsibilities.CLO3:Develop new ideas to pursue higher level of study and lifelong learning.CLO4:Demonstrate team spirit, communication and leadership skills in the workenvironment.CLO5:Identify effective strategies to encourage leadership development.1.3.Teaching Learning and Assessment Strategya)Practical TrainingStudents will be placed in an organisation for a minimum period of 10 weeks. At theend of the 10 weeks, students are required to write a report about the trainingexperience in the company.Orb)Work-based learningStudents will be placed in an organisation to study the work related issues of thecompany over a period of at least 10 weeks. At the end of the 10 weeks, studentsare required to present their findings about the issues which include therecommended solutions for the issues.Industrial Training: FAFB_SPage3of 18
1.4Programme Industrial Training CommitteeThe Programme Industrial Training Committee comprises of Course Coordinators InternshipTutors, and Assistant Registrars will handle the overall industrial training process for eachprogramme.Students are advised to refer to the following staff on all matters related to their industrialtraining:ProgrammeCourse CoordinatorsInternship TutorBachelor of Business (Honours) inEntrepreneurshipDr Lai Mun KeongDr Lai Mun KeongBachelor of Business (Honours) inHuman Resource ManagementDr Lee Sook LingDr Lee Sook LingBachelor of Business (Honours) inInternational BusinessMs Pushpa a/pMunusamyMs Pushpa a/pMunusamyBachelor of Business (Honours) inLogistics and Supply ChainManagementTs. Dr. Elishia Loo Po-LynnTs. Dr. Elishia Loo Po-Lynn2Duration of Industrial TrainingStudents who registered for a Bachelor (Honours) Degree programme will undergo theirindustrial training before the end of their studies.Students must complete the industrial training for a period as stipulated by the Facultyduring their course of study in the University College.3Warning Status and Final Warning StatusA student who is on Warning status (SW) or Final Warning status (SF) is not allowed toregister for industrial training course.4Application of Industrial TrainingStudents are required to apply for internship placement to companies of their choiceindependently.Apply to Company Directly by StudentsIndustrial Training: FAFB_SPage4of 18
It is advisable for students to apply to companies they are familiar or keen to work for withregards to their future career development. Steps involved are:1.Students to contact the local/overseas company in advance to enquire on the availabilityof internship vacancies.2.Students must present their resume together with job application letter during theindustrial training application via post, email or hand it in personally to the company.3.Students need to follow up with the company to check on their application status viatelephone call.4.Upon confirmation from the local/overseas companies, students must obtain theapproval from the Faculty.5.Students must present the Standard Letter for Industrial Training Application from theFaculty and Acceptance Letter from Employer (Industrial Training: FAFB_EmpF01) to thecompany that they are offered for industrial training.6.Students to request the company to complete the Acceptance Letter from Employer(Industrial Training: FAFB_EmpF01) with company stamp then send reply through thestudent or directly post to the Faculty before the date as stipulated in the AcceptanceLetter from Employer (Industrial Training: FAFB_EmpF01).7.For overseas industrial training:(i)Company to advise/confirm valid visa application for industrial training.(ii)Students are required to complete and submit the following documents torelevantassigned Internship Tutors.(a)Parent’s Acknowledgement Form (Industrial Training: FAFB_SF01)(b)Letter of Consent (Industrial Training: FAFB_SF02)(c)Letter of Indemnity (Industrial Training: FAFB_SF03)(d)Job Scope Descriptions (Industrial Training: FAFB_SF04)(e)Company profile(f)Acceptance Letter from Employer(Industrial Training: FAFB_EmpF01)(g)Work permit / visa(h)Insurance coverage / policy / document(iii)Students are required to fulfil the immigration requirements of the chosen country;find their own sponsor for the application of training/working permit; keep thepermit valid throughout the course of industrial training and to return home uponexpiry of the training/working permit.(iv)Students must ensure they are covered by insurance during their duration ofinternship at overseas company.(v)Students are required to bear all the costs and expenses including but not limited tovisa fees, medical check-up fees and all other medical expenses, personal insurance,Industrial Training: FAFB_SPage5of 18
travelling expenses, personal maintenance and lodging expenses, repatriationexpenses and any miscellaneous expenses as stipulated by the relevant authoritiesor the company.(vi)Faculty to obtain the approval from the President via recommendation from the VicePresident, Academic and Research.8.A new Standard Letter for Industrial Trainingfrom the Facultywill be given only if thestudent can prove the failure of the previous application to the relevant assignedInternship Tutor.9.Students who have secured a placement and have informed their placement to therelevant assigned Internship Tutors are strictly prohibited to change the training companywithout valid reasons.10.Students shall inform the relevant assigned Internship Tutors if they failed in theirattempts to secure a placement for industrial training. Students are expected to seek fortheir own training company, failing which means he/she must accept any company assignto him regardless of location. The relevant assigned Internship Tutors will not guaranteeto place the students to their choice of company or location.5Briefing to Students by Programme Leader/Course Coordinator/Internship TutorStudents are required to attend acompulsory briefingbefore going for industrial training.The relevant assigned Programme Leader/Course Coordinator / Internship Tutor willconduct the first briefing to guide students on the application of industrial trainingplacement. Subsequently, a second briefing will be conducted to guide students on theircodes of conduct and report writing before the commencement of industrial training.Prior to the undertaking of industrial training, students are required to complete and submitthe following documents to the relevant assigned Internship Tutor:Students to complete and submit the Letter of Indemnity in duplicate copies; andStudents to inform their parents/guardians and to complete and submit the Parent’sAcknowledgement Form (Industrial Training: FAFB_SF01); andStudents to apply for industrial training with the Standard Letter for Industrial TrainingApplication from the Faculty and send the Acceptance Letter from Employer (IndustrialTraining: FAFB_EmpF01) to accepting training company for completion and replythrough the student or directly post to the Faculty.6Student’s Codes of Conduct during Industrial Training Application6.4Companies for Industrial TrainingIndustrial Training: FAFB_SPage6of 18
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