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INTRODUCTIONInformation technology (IT) is use of an computer For an Retrieve, transmit, store andmanipulate information or data, that often in context of an enterprises and other business. It isconsidered be an subset of communication technology and information. Barclays is an Britishmultinational financial services and investment bank company, have headquartered in London.This report highlights the role of an IT in Barclays organisation and shoes the ethical & socialproblems that pertain for running an business(Baller, Dutta and Lanvin, 2016). Report revealsvarious type of networking technologies and the importance of intranet and internet for theenterprises. Also list of various stages of development system of an life cycle. In this regardpresent report has been prepared that involve discussion over IT practices. Role of IT in Barclays bankInformation technology plays an vital role for an integral part of an every enterprises plans.Communication among the suppliers, customer and EmployeesBarclay organisation where the communication between the suppliers, employees andconsumers are mainly basis on email. As email one of an early drives of internet that providesinexpensive & simple way f communication. Also number of another communication tools thathas been also evolved by allowing an staff for communicate by using online meeting tools, livechat system and video-conferencing. Henceforth IT plays an vital role of communication in theorganisation(Dutta, Geiger and Lanvin, 2015).Inventory management systemIn managing inventory sector, Barclays organisation require to maintain huge stock tomeet an demand without having investment higher than needs. This system tracks an quantity ofan each item organisation triggering, and maintains order for an additional stock when quantityfall below the pre-determine of amount. This type of system can give benefit because it connectsthe frim to point of sale. Management Information system (MIS)Storing data can be benefit only when it can be effectively used. Barclays organisationuse of an information as part of strategic planning method and also uses the tactical execution ofan strategy. MIS helps an company to track the sales data, expences and productivity level.(Lloyd, 2017). The data can used to track the profitability to maximize return on investment,

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