Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills: A Reflective Journal


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Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills: A Reflective Journal_1

The essay will provide my understanding on the intercultural communication skill and
negotiation skill that helps me to achieve my career goals on the future. Moreover, the paper also
provides information on my learnings on the model of both the skills and how I can implement it
in the future.
The intercultural communication skills and negotiation skills course help me to understand the
intercultural activity within the field. All these learning methods from this course help me to
develop my intercultural communication and negotiation skills and provide a suitable view of the
cultural activity. I have gained a knowledge that different culture has different communication
pattern and for this everybody should give a special effort to develop the intercultural
communication skills (Knapp, 2015). I have seen that both the macro-culture such as the beliefs,
opinion and the culture of a community and the micro-culture such as the attitude and behaviors
of a group of the organization both have some effect on the intercultural communication pattern.
People belong to different cultures possess different language, ethics and having a different
negotiation style and according to my opinion talking to this person belonging to different
culture gives rise to the intercommunication pattern (Hua, and Kramsch, 2016). To improve the
intercommunication skills I have to talk to the people of different culture so that I can understand
their ascent as well as my hesitation while talking to them will be decreased.
I have seen that the people belonging to different cultures are hesitant to talk and for this people
have to understand their body language and assure them to talk freely. With the help of this
learning outcomes, I have gained knowledge about how to interact easily with people from
different cultures. People belonging to same countries may also have different beliefs and
opinions and this gives rise to changes in arguments between them. To decrease the conflict
between them I have to talk freely with them so that they understand my language as well my
motive and also I can understand their opinions too (Kealey, 2015). Moreover, negotiation is the
best way to decrease the conflict or disagreement. Negotiation is a method that mainly takes
place in between the business people and also in between the leaders and the team members. In
an organization the lower rank people mainly negotiate with the higher rank people this is
because only to avoid problems. According to my opinion negation is a simple process of
avoiding arguments and misunderstandings that take place mainly while talking to a people of
other cultures (Smith, Grosso, and Grosso, 2015). For understanding the intercultural
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Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills: A Reflective Journal_2

communication pattern three typed of models are used one is the Hofstede model, House model
and the other one is the Hall model. According to my opinion, the Hofstede model defines the
communication pattern on the basis of members of one category to the other member belonging
to the different culture.
It can be defined on the basis of score that means that the people who do not show any hesitation
during talking to the people of different culture are considered as high score while that of the
people does no interact properly with the other people in terms of different culture are often fall
in the low scores category (Martin, and Nakayama, 2015). From the House model I have seen
that it the communication behavior pattern within an organization. As in an organization,
different people belonging to different cultures are present and this gives rises to many conflicts
in between them and for this House, the model is used to decrease their conflict. The last method
used in the intercultural communication skills is the Hall model which describes that the
behavior of the person changes according to the situation and culture. From the whole learning
course, I have learned that intercultural communication patterns do not always solve problems
but it is necessary for a people to understand the behavior or ideas and opinions of the person
belonging to different cultures (Emedia.rmit.edu.au. 2018). Along with this, I have also
understood that the role of non-verbal communication pattern gives rise to an argument and for
this, I have to pay full attention while listening to the other people in an organization.
From the intercultural communication and negotiations skills, I have gained a proper knowledge
about how to interact with people belonging to different cultures. According to me, the
intercultural communication skills should be present in every people so that they do not cause
any issue while talking to the people belonging to other culture (Stevens, de Weerd, Cnossen,
and Taatgen, 2016). Different culture present not only in different countries but it also presents
in the same country people. So everybody should be very aware of this communication aspects
thus no conflict between different cultural people will not rises in the future. This intercultural
issue in terms of communication mainly takes place in the organization because a different
culture of people are present there and due to the proper communication gap gives rise to some
issues (Walsh, 2015). So I think for decreasing such communication conflict in between the
member of the organization one should have to understand the proper language of the people as
well as their ideas and opinions so thus the communication barrier will be decreased between
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Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills: A Reflective Journal_3

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