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International Tourism in Pokhara Nepal Report

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Added on  2022-09-09

International Tourism in Pokhara Nepal Report

   Added on 2022-09-09

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International Tourism System
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International Tourism in Pokhara Nepal Report_1
Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography
This annotated bibliography is based on researching international tourism in Pokhara, Nepal.
With the help of this bibliography, the key factors affecting the tourism of Nepal will be
identified, explained, and explored so that the international tourism system can be further
developed in the near future. In this way, the following discussion is based on five articles
including 3 academic and 2 non-academic articles as follows:
The chosen study is based on highlighting the effects of the training program in Nepal. With
the help of this research, the high impacts of the tourism training program have been
observed and noted in the context of Nepal. In this context, it has been found that these
programs are always aimed to contribute towards scalable, sustainable economic growth with
the implementation and development of a market-driven tourism training system while
targeting the informal economy. Apart from this, these training programs help to foster
innovative solutions so that vocational training can be given in tourism workers belong to
women, youth and the informal sector. This study has found the impacts of such tourism
training programs on Nepal tourism as people have limited access to adequate education for
enhancing their income as well as employability. Key challenges faced by the training
organizers have also been explored in this study. One of these challenges was the training of
the high number of beneficiaries from the informal field into Nepal tourism related to
education with a tight budget.
In addition to that, the High Impact Tourism Training Programme (HITT) has been found to
introduce creative and innovative teaching methods which contrasted dramatically with
conventional ways of education in the Pokhara, Nepal. In this way, this chosen study has set
the contours of the vocational and technical education and training field in Nepal. It has been
found that low skills and education levels always prevent access for a broad population to
future training and education. Moreover, education in Pokhara is highly demanded to fulfill
the economy’s requirement for a qualified workforce as well as the nation’s aspiration for
economic and social development of the society. Post analysing and developing training
programs within the private sector, it has been realised that most of the employers in the
International Tourism in Pokhara Nepal Report_2
Annotated Bibliography
Pokhara trekking sector as well as in the hospitality sector, do not bother whether the
employees are having a certificate or not. However, these employers of the hospitality
industry should care about the education and training of their employees and staff. Thus, this
study has successfully identified the learners’ profile including literacy, numeracy, culture
and gender with their restrictions related to skills needed for the occupation.
The selected study is all about tourism in Pokhara, Nepal by highlighting the trending tourism
in Nepal. The authors have found that Nepal is emerging as a prime destination for upcoming
adventure mountain biking and many more. It is because, in Pokhara, Nepal new trails are
opening up as well as roads is reaching into previously inaccessible fields. This is a
privileged for adventurous mountain bikers as these new trails and riads are taking them to
Nepal’s mountains and hills. The article has focused on mountain biking in Nepal while
discussing key challenges as well. In this context, this discussion has mainly focused on
Nepal tourism and its new trends. The place owns so many great tourist destinations because
eight out of ten biggest mountains in the world are in Nepal. As we know, tourism is the
biggest industry in Nepal as well as the biggest source of revenue and foreign exchange.
Apart from this, if we talk about Pokhara, then it is a popular site for mountaineers,
millennial tourists, and people seeking adventure.
The article is suggesting that even after suffering from many natural disasters, the tourist
destination Pokhara, Nepal is growing and developing again. Authors have highlighted that
Pokhara, Nepal is known for the majestic Himalayas as well as natural beauty. In addition,
the research has found the destination a land of diversity and thereby colorful festivals. The
tourism of Pokhara, Nepal is having huge opportunities related to sustainable tourism because
there are colorful festivals during monsoon based on the lunar calendar. Furthermore, Nepal
in the rainy season can be a life-long experience for any person. In this way, this study
conducted on biking and trekking in the mountains of Nepal has successfully concluded that
Nepal is pedaling towards the novel form of modern tourism.
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