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INTPROG Java Coursework Frequently Asked QuestionsCan I use another IDE (other than BlueJ) for this coursework?You are more than welcome to use any development environment you want. However, as stated in the coursework specification you must submit BlueJ project files. You can develop in your chosen IDE, then convert it into the BlueJ format for submission. All demonstrations will be completed using the BlueJ software. If your submission does not run using the BlueJ installation on the University computers, you will obtain a mark of 0 for the functionality. Therefore, I would recommend you check your submission works on the University computers before you upload it to Moodle.When the program starts, do we just apply a random direction to each pinball?You can either set a specific direction to each pinball you create, or use the random class. However, I would recommend you do the first one, as using random directions could have a negative impact on your demonstration - you won't be able to guarantee that all the required features are shown.Does it matter if one type of pinball is just one colour and the other type is another colour?As long as each type uses the pre-defined colours in the coursework specification, it doesn’t matter whether you use all the same colour, or different colours. The colour is set within the PinballObject constructor, therefore, you define what colour they are at the point of the object being created.When demonstrating the Python coursework, we were expected to discuss our code. Will it be the same in the demonstrations for the Java coursework?Yes - you will be expected to be able to discuss how your code functions. It is expected that you will be able to do so using the appropriate terminology.
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