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EFFECTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONIntroduction Effective communication is a crucial element of the functioning of a businessorganization that deals with sharing of information between individuals involved directly orindirectly with the organization. Proper communication deals with the adequate exchange ofinformation between the stakeholders within the stipulated time frame. While the differencein communication competence exhibited by individuals is diverse across organisations, thewillingness to communicate, also known as immediacy, also varies greatly amongindividuals. The present essay highlights the valuable business communication concepts ofself-perceived communication competence and non-verbal immediacy. The paper aims tooutline the behavioural and conceptual skills related to competence in the chosen area ofcommunication. Self-perceived communication competenceSelf-perceived communication competence has a number of applications for businesscommunication, as commented by (Shwom & Snyder, 2015). As per the scholars,communication competence can be defined as the sufficient capability to provide or passalong information. It is thus the ability to make known by writing or talking. Self-percievedcommunication competence is how a person perceives his competence for written or spokencommunication in a particular context. Research has been done in this field that finds thatself-perceived communication competence holds the potential to make a rigorous impact onemployee’s contribution to the organization. The nature and accuracy of such self-perceptionare crucial since an inaccurate self-belief can strongly help or act as a barrier to approachesadopted by the organisation fro growth. Hughes et al., (2011) noted that self-percieved communication competence isimportant since the awareness of own weaknesses and strengths help employees to adjust

EFFECTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONtheir thinking and cognition as per the diverse nature of tasks entrusted upon them. Thecompetence, in this case, is a belief that an employee has about personal characteristicsdepending on which goals can be set for achieving success in the long run in the organization.Those who feel that they have high competency level in communication demonstrateincreased interest to take part in more constructive and healthy tasks as compared to thosebelieved to have low competency. It has been reported that a person shows more tendency to block communication withother individuals is there is an essence of discomfort and uneasiness. The concept of self-percieved communication confidence emerges from the concept of self-perceivedcommunication competence. When a person is confident about communicating, eitherverbally or in written form, and the person does not suffer anxiety, he perceives himself to becapable to communicating (Wright et al., 2013). Self-perceived confidence can act as themost robust predictor of communication competence. Bovee et al., (2016) reported fourtechniques that can be useful in the measurement of communication competence. These arereceiver-report, self-report, subjective observation and objective observation. Informationgathered from practical experiences indicate that self-report method is the one used mostly aspeople have the tendency to make choices related to communication as per the self-perceivedcommunication competence. The manner in which an individual believes in the competence he has plays a big rolein his contribution towards organizational information flow. The actual behavior and set ofactions of the person are influenced by the extent to which the person has confidence inhimself (Umphrey & Sherblom 2018). the authors identified that communication skills ofself-identified reserved speakers are not different from those claiming non-reserved. Thus,the perception regarding own communication skill level weighs more than the actual skilllevel of the person. An argument can be put up that self-perceived communication

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