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Globalisation refers to ongoing process under which world appears to converge
economically because of free flow of products, people, services across boarders which
develop among world economies. It is process by which the economic, cultural, institutional
and geographic distance among different countries seems to be shrink. In this, Globalisation
is economic concept that goes through easing movement of the people and products across
boarders (Ardichvili and et. al., 2012). It is main procedure of an international integration that
arising from interchange of views of people related with ideas, products and some of the
telecommunication holding firm. This company operate its business in more than 180
countries and also a largest provider of broadband, mobile services and fixed- line. In given
report will be discuss about the different aspects which are necessary in develop project
management plan like costs, scope, quality, time etc. Primary and secondary method of data
collection will be used in this report to gather relevant and accurate data related to specific
subject area.
Positive impact of Globalisation in general to the businesses in the UK.
1.Economic Impact-Under this, globalisation is helpful in minimize high inflation rate
by providing high quality of products to consumers. Foreign Direct Investment
develop positive impact on growth of United Kingdom country, and it will help in
integration with an interdependence of technology and products.
2.Cultural Impact-In globalisation, culture refers to transmission of values and ideas
around world in a way to extend as well as intensify the social relations. The culture
develop the positive impact of globalisation to British Telecom business by attaining
the global attention. It is helpful in develop interaction among the various culture of
different countries (Crane and Matten, 2016).
3.Ethical Impact-Ethics is concerned with the beliefs, values and norms which each
company should follow when making business globalise. Globalisation and ethics
both gain more attention from the society as well as big corporate houses.
Background of the Research
Globalisation refers to process of international interconnection as well as integration
international business as it includes all commercial transactions that taken place among two
or more than two different countries for an instance transportation, sales and investments.
British Telecom is large size organisation and it provides the mobile, broad-band services etc.
to people of many different countries (Friedman, 2017). This company is responsible for
around 25 million of telephone line in UK. It is an international corporation that owns as well
as run many telephone exchanges, local loop connections, trunk networks etc. This firm is
globally successful because its focus on fulfil needs of consumers and also its enhanced target
market. British Telecom has different function and impact of globalisation on these functions
are mention below:
Operations-This function includes planning, organising, coordinating and controlling
all the aspects of operation process for meet needs of consumers by using efficient resources.
So, if British Telecommunication will conduct its business at global level then its business
operations will be enhanced, and it can performs its business in many different countries.
Marketing-Globalisation is having effective impact on the marketing function.
Through this, marketing department of British Telecommunication can make its service
available more. With the help of globalisation, it can target new market and enhance its sales.
HR-Human resource is a main function of British Telecommunication organisation
and its main focus is on hiring well qualified employees who can be able to perform business
operations in international level (Grayson and Hodges, 2017). On the other hand, HR will
give training to employees for enhance their skills and also finds ways to communicate with
international clients.
Accounting-Under this, it is a responsibility of accounting department to arrange or
managing funds for conduct business operations at global level. Relation between positive
economic impact and accounting function about determination of actual amount of expenses
and revenues that can be earned by British Telecom at the end (Gurung and Prater, 2017).
Aims of the Project
The aim of this project is “To identify positive economic, cultural, and ethical impacts
of globalisation on different business functions”. A case study on British Telecom.
To determine globalisation concept.
To evaluate benefits of globalisation to business of British Telecom.
To identify positive economic, cultural, and ethical impacts of globalisation on
different function of British Telecom.
Research Plan
Project Title“Whatarethepositiveeconomic,cultural,andethical
within an organisation.”
Project Plan
Company Name:British Telecom
CostIt refers to estimation of the amount that is required to
conduct the activities of project and also complete them in an
effective manner (Kennedy, Welch and Monshipouri, 2017).
In context to prepare project management plan and executing
it, there is a need to British Telecom to manage money. In
addition to this, cost is encompassing various things such as
resources, estimation of risks, labour cost etc.
The cost of this whole research project will be £12000.
Initial investment100000
Research and developmental
Operational expenses15600
Cost to IT experts21500
Licensing fee6000
Closing value15000
ScopeBritish Telecom is a large business firm and it provides the
telecommunication facilities to people in United Kingdom
and many other countries. The scope of this project is wide
addition to this, motive of British Telecom behind making
business globalise is to target large market and enhance its
market share.
enhancing the skills and knowledge base of a learner so that
it can not face any kind of issues in future. This research
helps in provide the proper description about the specific
TimeUnder this, time is required for complete activities of project
and get valid outcomes. (Lawrence and Weber, 2014).For
finish project, proper time should be required. In case if time
management will not be proper then employees are not able
to perform all activities related to project management plan
in an effective way. On the other hand, time required to
develop the deliverable and complete project will be 15 to 45
days.This research project will be completed in 60 days.
QualityIt is major aspect that a project manager require to include
maintaining then outcomes will not be beneficial (Lim and
Tsutsui, 2012). In addition to this, it is essential that project
manager of British Telecom should focus on making quality
of project better for getting positive outcomes and taking the
project is high because the researcher collect authentic and
reliable information regarding particular subject. The better
information helps in getting the positive outcomes.
CommunicationIn project management plan, it is necessary aspect and there
is a need to involve all the stakeholders and they should be
connected with the each other’s. British Telecom use various
ways to communicate with its stakeholder and these are
telephone, emails etc. To communicate about the specific
project, researcher will use the email.
RiskIn project, risk develop the negative impact on activities. It
can be related to the technology, money etc. While executing
project management activities, change in technology create
issues that negatively impact on the end results.In this,
research project, risk is related to the data collection and
money that need to be managed in a better manner for
success of resercah.
ResourcesIn order to complete project, it is necessary that project
manager should use the resources in a better manner so that
itcanbecompletedproperly. Theresourcescanbeto
finance, manpower, technology etc.Proper availability of
resources helps in carry out all the activities smoothly and
Type of Research
Primary and Secondary
Primary method-It is explained as methodology that used
through an investigator to gather data or information directly
as comparison to collected from the previous investigation
done. It is mainly carried to address certain issue that needs
questionnaire, observation, interviews etc.
Secondary method-This kind of research has been already
(Marsella, 2012). It consists studies and reports through
businesses. The different sources of collecting the secondary
data are books, journals, articles etc.
developing questionnaire and collect information for this.
Qualitative-It refers to the scientific observation method for
collect the non- numerical data. In this method, data or
information is measured in terms of quality. It is vary using
the semi- structures or unstructured techniques.
Quantitative-It refers to systematic numerical investigation
computational and statistical techniques.It is emphasizing
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