Report On Staff Reward System In Hyatt Regency Dubai


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IntroductionHyatt Regency Dubai is an infamous hospitality industry of UAE which provides hospitality services to their customers. It is a luxury five star hotel which is located in UAE, Deira Cornichein Dubai. It is the very first among the Hyatt Hotel in the United Arab Emirates and has414 rooms with the Galleria Residence with an additional complex of 370 apartments. The chain of hotels are seen to employ an efficient and helpful staff and the company focuses on the quality of their employees. It utilizes various techniques and reward systems for motivating their employee so as to increase the productivity of the organization. Purpose of InterviewThe aim of the interview being conducted is to 1.Identification the staff reward system in the Hyatt Regency Dubai among its employee and how they are seen to perceive it. 2.Identification of the motivation among the employees.3.Identification of how the reward system is influencing their work choices. Procedure of InterviewVarious employees of Hyatt Regency hotel were contacted using Twitter and Facebook. The respondents who agreed to work for the research paper were chosen. 50 out of 100 approached respondents were selected and the interview was semi-structured in manner. The interview lastedfor 30 minutes per respondents. Questions1.What is your job position?2.How long have you been associated with Hyatt Regency, Dubai?3.How your company does keeps you motivated?

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