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Introduction. In this present paper, we will describe t

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IntroductionIn this present paper, we will describe the new product idea in which the new software isdeveloped. The software development project is prepared through using Gantt chart which showsthe scope of the project, analysis of the requirements, design, development, testing, and pilot.Project scopeThe scope of the project includes the determination of project scope, secure project sponsorship,defined preliminary resources, secure core resources and complete the scope. In the developmentof software project the manager recruit human resource, software developers, financial andmarket analyst. Then the computers are required for developing the software.Risk and mitigationThere is various kind of risk which is associated with the development of software such as late inthe delivery of the project, machine failure, end of employment by an employee, actual cost ofsoftware development is higher than the estimated budget. This risk can be mitigated throughestimating the higher budget which helps to cover the actual cost of the project. The end ofemployment leads to the late delivery of the project which can be mitigated through recruitingone extra software developer more than the requirement which does not impact by thetermination of the software developer. The risk of machine failure can be mitigated by takinginsurance of machines.
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