Task Name. Battle for Runaways. Event Scope. Determine

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Task NameBattle for Runaways Event Scope Determine Event Scope Secure Event Sponsorship Define Preliminary Resources Define Core Resources Scope Documentation Event Requirement Analysis Conduct Need Analysis Draft Preliminary Needs Review Budget and Need View Past Event Expenses Prepare Preliminary Budget Match with Current Market Rate Identify Differences Incorporate Changes Finalize Budget Incorporate Changes in Budget and Event Requirement Develop Delivery Timeline Obtain Approvals to Proceed Secure Required Resources Event Requirement Documents Recruit Judges Identify Required Judges Identify Suitable Judges Negotiate Payment Terms Finalize Judge Requirement Complete Documentation Advertise for bands to compete Identify Advertisement Requirements Conduct Bidding for Advertisement Define Budget Contractual Agreement for Advertisements Complete Documentation Find venue to hold event Identify Venue Specifics Select multiple Venues Match Criteria Decide One Venue Finalize Rent Complete Documentation

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