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1.IntroductionMedical Informatics is globally recognized area of medical science integrated with theinformation system and information system to support, monitor, helps and manage the healthconditions of the patients. This provides the option to the patients to get prescription with respectto health condition online from the home or office. Medical informatics is not limited to onlyhealth condition and prescription but also it gives the opportunity to patients to get lab tests,purchase medicine and other medical devices etc.The people who can get support of medical informatics must have the knowledge of basiccomputer operation and internet surfing. www.1mg.com is most popular medical informatics web portal around the Asian region. Thepatients and other people interact with the interfaces which is provided through this website toget the help for their medical condition. The patients may be less knowledgeable in the field of information technology, so that the userinterface which is provided through the website must have to be so user friendly and supportivethat novice user such as patients can also surf the web pages to take help from the website ofmedical information and support from the given website www.1mg.com. http://www.rxfastfind.com/ is selected to explore the context of user interface design and userfriendliness of this section of the website. This section of website http://www.rxfastfind.com/ isselected as chat section lacks the good user friendliness and other chat supportive components ofthe website.

2.Description of the System and Users2.1 Live Support chat section or webpage of online website http://www.rxfastfind.com/ is not sooptimal with respect to the user interface ("Live Support", 2017). This section of webpagecontains the many option for the users such as patients and other persons who like to get theinformation related with health and nourishment products. The details of the user interface of thissection of the medical informatics website http://www.rxfastfind.com/ is presented in figure 1.Figure 1. http://www.rxfastfind.com/ User InterfaceFigure 1 explores the all user interfaces as available with the webpage with referencehttp://www.rxfastfind.com/. There are three sections of the webpage presented in figure 1.First is Free Shipping, second is http://www.rxfastfind.com/ Free Pills and third section isLive Support but there are options for various pills to select one. The conversation typing option is hidden with another webpage and requires to click LiveSupport to chat to get details. The name of person, Email Address, Order ID etc are requiredto be filled in chat window. The requirement to fill to open the chat window the details arerepresented in figure 2 and figure 3.

Figure 2. Chat Window Information Filling “Live Support”, http://www.rxfastfind.com/Figure 2. http://www.rxfastfind.com/ chatting User Interface for typing

According to figure 2 and figure 3, it is clear that without pointing the text boxes it is notpossible to type any information before and after during the chatting session. This ensures thatthe user interface which is presented under figure 2 and figure 3 for chatting between the patientsor anyone else of the http://www.rxfastfind.com/ representative is not optimal and user friendly.2.1The profiles for the two contrasting group head of users with their characteristics arementioned as follows.1.John Sabstien Age : 46 YearsOccupation : Service (Private Sector)Education : Bachelor of ScienceFamily : Three members, one son and wifeJohn Sabastein is a public sector employee since last 16 years. His work with hisorganization is related with accounting and he is working under the Human resourcedepartment. His organization facilitated information system to do the accounting jobs asassigned to him. He regularly does his work on computer system and also surfs theInternet for various information. He has been suffering from a skin disease for a time ofhalf an year. His subordinates suggested him to get orders from medical informatics siteto take help for your disease. Due to his busy schedule he opted to use medicalinformatics for suggestion. http://www.rxfastfind.com/ is very popular so he decided toopt this website to consult the skin specialist. 2.Ms. Nancy Age : 32 YearsOccupation : Private ServiceJob Profile : Customer Care Executive at www.1mg.com Hongkong head unit.Education : Graduate in artsTechnical Knowledge : Trained customer care executive Family: 2 Members, one brother and she only.Ms. Nancy is very smart and always do the activities of world wide web and Internet. Sheloves to support the people by her hart. She regularly surfs the Internet and also talks withthe patients with its questions and reply accordingly. She is working on the post ofcustomer care executive since last 2 years at www.1mg.com. She has no knowledge howto design web pages and installs the various different web based applications into thecomputer system but she can executes some of installed programs such as Ms-Word. Ms-Excel, Ms. Power Point and web browser. She is averaged computer learned lady andperforming her organizational duties sincerely.2 more users from group head users John Sabastein are detailed as follows1. Ms. Disuja, Little bit computer and Internet Knowledge, Office clerk in private sectororganization and sometimes do some works with Ms-Office package in the office.

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