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1.IntroductionThe evaluation of redesigned user interface for a webpage is crucial task in nature and producescomplexities with the variety of users or group of users in context of real time evaluation. Theredesigned webpage of “Live Support” link with http://www.rxfastfind.com/ is a stepwiseprocess by which all the components usability and user interaction with user ease andfriendliness are determined during the evaluation process. In this evaluation report the exhaustiveuser interface evaluation. The main purpose of this report of the user interface evaluation is toevaluate the redesigned user interface of the “Live Support” referenced web page that is relatedwith user and web executive chat or others and user chat for the advice and getting the ordereddetails ("Live Support", 2017). The User interface evaluation is executed with the commonenvironment for the general perspective of the usability with ease and finally the user interfacesuitability with different components are defined. The selected group of users are taken toevaluate the user interface of the given context. The user convenience, ease of use, userfriendliness, user choice and various other factors associated with the user and given redesigneduser interface of “Live Support” webpage is executed to evaluate the user interface. Theevaluation result is presented clearly under this report of the user interface evaluation. 2.Observing the UsersIt is known the user interface of webpage “Live Support” is redesigned with user centered designmethodology. In this design method all the user aspects of usability of the interface componentsof the webpage. The motive behind the usability evaluation is to determine the usability of thewebpage with respect to the user perspective. If a usability aspect of the webpage or website ispoor with respect to the user then user goes to another website webpage as there are so manywebsites of same services already available in cyberspace. The problems and hurdles providesnegative aspects of the website webpage to the users and users always try to avoid by not usingsuch problematic and complex webpage of the website.2.1The evaluation strategy is methodological process used to evaluate the user interface ofredesigned webpage by providing the supporting data and information. The supported dataand information are used by the selected group of users to interact with the newly designeduser interface of the given webpage. The evaluation process includes the followingevaluating factors to be evaluated during the user interaction with the given redesignedwebpage of the http://www.rxfastfind.com/ website from medical informatics side.Efficiency : The evaluator measures the facts behind the time and steps taken by the selectedgroup of users to complete the basic tasks associated with redesigned webpage (Stone, 2005).The basic tasks are to open the “Live Support” webpage link by click the menu item and thenstarting the new consultation session with web executive. Further, all the questions asked by
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web executive to be answered by the users and then login to the system to get the detailedadvice and order details. In this tenure the user has to perform various functions such astyping, posting by clicking, scrolling up and down to redisplay the past messages andinformation etc. The time and steps that are taken by the users are measured by the tester orevaluator of the user interface.Accuracy: The accuracy of user interaction with user interface with chat window is anotherevaluation factor that provides the information about the mistakes that user does. All themistakes which are taken by the user during the interaction with user interface for chattingwith web executives and others are recorded to further analyze about the recoverable and nonrecoverable mistakes. If the mistakes are recoverable then evaluation result is used toredesign the interface component to remove the flaws where the user often does the mistakes.In case of non recoverable mistakes nothing will be done.Recall: This is evaluation sub strategy where the non use period and user rememberingcapability about the interface objects are taken.Emotional Response: The user feelings after completing the task and user sentiments such asstressed situation or confidence are observed during the evaluation of the user interface bythe users.2.2The evaluation plan includes the various methodologies to evaluate the user interface withselected group of users. Followings the evaluation plan for evaluating the redesigned userinterface.Observation: A constant observation is applied while the user is interacting with theredesigned user interface of the webpage of “Live Support”.Interviewing: The users are interviewed by selected questions as related with the userinterface after performed activities related with the webpage.Talking: A talk session between the user and evaluator is defined to gather the usersatisfaction level with new redesigned interface of the webpageQuestionnaire: A bundle of questions are prepared to be asked after the interaction of userswith the webpage which is being redesigned.Prediction: During the user interaction with the user interface of webpage to perform theassociated functional aspects the prediction of user activities and user performance andconfidence level are taken to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the newredesigned webpage.Testing: The testing is lastly performed to rank the user interface after all the activities ofabove planned interface evaluation.
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The user observation is close monitoring process by which the user interaction withthe interface components and user psychological, timing to perform the task,confidence level and the problems that are faced by the selected group of users areaccounted. This provides the basic details about the user satisfaction level andconsistency level with the user interface. Different level of users ay have differentlevel of the result of observation. These different results conform the user interfacefriendliness and usable with a certain level of users groups. The observation alsodefines the overall usability and ease of accessibility of the system such as webpageand its defined components with respect to the users of the system. Close observationprovides more accurate and detailed outcomes of the user interface evaluation of thegiven redesigned webpage.The participants are taken from three main domains of the user characteristics. Theseuser characteristics domain are novice user, average user and expert user. Thesedomain of the users provide the different evaluation outcome for the given redesigneduser interface of the system. The novice user provides the more detail about the allplanned activities information as this user has little or very less knowledge about theuser interface either of this redesigned webpage or for any other website webpage.The average user can do the tasks and observation. They would take less support anddoes the tasks. The average user has little bit expertise to surf the Internet so that thiscategory of user performs the interaction with the webpage as per the given task andsuse case activity scenario. The third category of user is expert user. This expert userhas too much expertise to surf the various website on Internet daily. This expert userdomain is just taken to evaluate the webpage user interface for consistency. Theobservation is required to observe the time and frequency of errors performed by thisexpert user in the evaluation process to find out the user interface usability withrespect to the general regular users who are much known with the such type ofmedical informatics field (Veal & Maj, 2010).The tasks are detailed in assignment 2. The same task is mentioned here pointwise toclearly specify the tasks as per the defined concrete use case. The task list which haveto be done by these selected group of users are as follows.oUser has to open the website http://www.rxfastfind.com/oUser has to find out the “Live Support” and then click on the link of “LiveSupport”.oUser has to wait till the “Live Support” linked page opened and anotherwindow.oUser has to fill name.
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oUser has to fill email addressoUser has to fill order IDoUser has to fill the product information at last. oWhen new window opened with as chat window , user has to click on the linkof send the typed information. oAfter clicking on send button chat session page the typed information of userdisplayed at the top of the window with user name.oSimilarly, user can chat with typing and posting the information to the systemand representative replies all the questions asked by the users simultaneously.The location of the evaluation session is close room where three different computingsystem with Internet connectivity having the windows operating system and MozillaFirefox web browser. The close room provides the cool and calm environment for theuser interface evaluation where there is no disturbance of any other additional factorssuch as noise, etc.The running of the session and collecting of data are taken by the help of selfobservation, questions, interview, and analysis of the user satisfactory level to checkthe stressful or confident user situation.2.3The evaluation is carried out by employing the following activities by evaluator to get theevaluation result of redesigned webpage.oThe evaluation goal is clearly defined and followed for the users and redesignedwebpage.oIntention to act or activities are specified among all the users of the webpage.oSequence of actions are specified with the help of defined task list for all the users.oExecution of the action sequence is detailed and observed during the session ofevaluation.oThe state of the art of evaluation is started to observe the user interaction withwebpage.oThe user perception is recorded and interpretedoThe interpretation data is evaluated by the evaluator3.Presentation of data, Analysis and Interpretation and Recommendation3.1The short description of the data which are to be presented for the user group for theevaluation of the redesigned webpage of “Live Support” link for making chat sessionbetween the web executive and patient such as user defined as follows.Interview : The data related with interview are pointed as a type of the interview of the usersby the evaluator (Wilson, 2014). The evaluator asks many question to the users to evaluate
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