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Introduction: The process of connecting different parts of the world with each other isknown as Globalization. Depending upon the geographical conditions, globalization isresponsible for the expansion of various cultural activities, political activities as well aseconomic activities taking place on an international level. With the help of the globalization,the experiences of the people existing in any part of the world start resembling with eachother, due to the movement of their ideas, goods and the knowledge, etc. across the globe.The globalization consists of various factors or in other words, we can say that, globalizationdepends upon various sections like communication, travel, cultural popularity, politicalfactors, economic factors, etc. different- different theories are also present for the completedescription of globalization depending upon the geographical point of view.In the present world, the terms of interconnectedness, coherent and the stable cultures, etc.,are becoming rare day by day. The successful process of globalization is connecting peopleof different origins of culture with each other and is responsible for the close relationshipbetween them. The method of transforming the phenomenon working across the world,shows the simultaneous transformation of the developed landscape is always being capturedin the globalization. The globalization has a deep impact on the terms of culture. Differentcultures at different-different locations or parts of the world, shows various experiences onthe live and creation basis. It completely affects the embraces of professional and specialdiscourses of the arts as well as the commodified of various cultural industries. The flow ofideas and various types of other practices from the other dominant societies become difficultto underestimate. As per according to the present situations or in the recent decades, theinternational economy is becoming more and more globalized day by day. It results to thevital trade according to the economic factors across the world. Microsoft is a well reputedAmerican software company, which is one of the best examples out of the many othersoftware companies working across the country and which mainly rely on the internationaltrade in making a large amount of profit through their worldwide business [ CITATION WSt11 \l1033 ]. Many of the countries have removed the trade barriers like charging tariffs, taxes onimport and export of goods, etc., which has directly influenced the globalization of varioustypes of services and goods. This has also helped a lot in improving the relationship betweenthe people of the different countries through the exchange of ideas and knowledge etc.Economic globalization is responsible by providing help to a large number of corporations inmoving their factories and any other type of jobs to the countries, where the economicdevelopment is slow or less. By using this type of techniques the lower wages are being paidby the corporations, due to the low standard of living and the other reason is the lessdevelopment of the country. Company’s shifting towards countries under development has toface less problems arising due to the rules and many other safety measures of less developedcountry [ CITATION Poo16 \l 1033 ]. All these factors help the companies or corporations inlowering their cost/investment. All these factors also help the country by making the county’seconomic market global. Globalization is mainly divided into eight different categories whichare as discussed below: -Theory of Liberalism is defined as a process of market-led extension of modernization andcan be expressed as a result of human desires for the welfare of the political and economicwelfare naturally. Various human drives are responsible for the derived transplantedconnections for increasing the well-being of the freedoms available basically. All thesefactors help in connecting the people across the globe [ CITATION AMo10 \l 1033 ]. Differentexplanations come into the existence depending upon the various factors of business studies,the study of politics and law, the study of economics, etc. 1
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Strength: Helps in the advancement of the technology, increases the information processingin the field of communication, transportation, etc. it also helps in enabling the market as wellas the liberal democracy.Weakness: Social forces have to face problems due to the neglecting nature of the supporters.All the people of the country did not participate actively in the globalization process.Theory of Political Realism gives us the description about the conflicts between thedifferent-different states of the country. Various problems are faced depending on thedifferent state powers. The power of the large states of the country makes the globalizationantithetical due the role of state in the development of global relations. In this step, theglobalization affects the various factors like cultural, ecological, psychological, economic,etc. Many other relations related to the state power affect the process of globalization on thebasis of gender, class and culture [ CITATION HMo78 \l 1033 ]. Strength: Has a large impact on the economic dimensions. It is also responsible for theproduction of the various resources.Weakness: Structural inequalities are harder to explain appropriately. There is less supportfor the globalization generators.Theory of Marxism mainly deals with the factors like production, social emancipation,social distribution taking place through the capital transcendence. Depending upon theinformation provided by the Marxists, the chances of making the profit increases due to theconnectivity of trans-world, which is the only responsible of globalization. Both the liberaland political explanations of globalization are incorrect according to Marxists and it evaluatesall the capital accumulation globally while giving a restricted power account [ CITATION Sew00\l 1033 ].Strength: Provides new ways of creating social movements. It also helps in creating newrelations on the basis of subordination and dominance.Weakness: For the interstate competition, people developed various global weapons for thecapitalist ends.Theory of Constructivists tells us about the construction of the social world mentally, bymaking the use of different languages, symbols, interpretations, images, etc. This type ofglobalization is the result of Anthropology, media of sociology and studies, humanities, etc.Information being shared between the people existing in the different locations of the world isresponsible for creating the new ideas, interaction on the social basis etc. The structuralinequality issues and many other power hierarchies are neglected in the theory ofconstructivist [ CITATION RCu15 \l 1033 ].Strength:This theory provides the ability of the built in apolitical. Mainly focuses on theshaping of the process of mental experience. It also neglects the structural inequality.Weakness: The theory depends upon the construction on inter-subjective basis. Mentalexperiences are made on the basis of us and their groups.2
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