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Career Plan for Hospitality Industry

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This report discusses the career plan for the hospitality industry, including milestones and activities required to achieve them. It also highlights the three organizations, Marriott, Intercontinental, and Accor hotels, and their mission and values. The report also mentions the strengths required to achieve each milestone and how they will be used. The subject, course code, and college/university are not mentioned.
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Running head: INTRODUCTION TO HOSPITALITY1Career PlanStudent NameInstitution
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INTRODUCTION TO HOSPITALITY2In this report, I will make a career plan in which I will tell about my career path miles stones and the activities that are required to achieve those milestones. The hotels I will look to work is Marriott, Intercontinental and Accor. But I will start my career as an attendant in any small restraint or chains like Mc Donald’s and KFC. Initial from small restraint or chains will help in learning the etiquettes in catering industries. After that, I will apply for receptionist job after training and will like to cater the customers. After doing the job of a receptionist and learning how to work in any hotel or restaurant, I will like to become a Team Leader in any big hotels or restaurants like Marriot, Intercontinental etc. The job of a Team Leader will help in learning and moving forward to become assistant manager and manager in any big Hotel.Here are the three organization that I will like to work for: Marriot International: Marriott International is one of the leading hotels and hospitality organization of the world, in which more brands, more resorts and associates like me have more chances to develop and succeed.Intercontinental: They own more than 54000 hotels and 80000 guest rooms worldwide. Working with them and not exclusively would I be able to pick up from the universe of variety and opportunity that will come by joining or working for the worldwide association, I can similarly see to work for an organization that will value for being me. They give me space to remain myself. Accor Hotels: With its presence in more than 92 countries and having 3873 hotels all around the world, its mission is to become a world leader in the hospitality sector. According to Accor, they will always support their employees and nurture their talents. The promotion of an employee here is very quick and according to the responsibility. 90% of their managers are internally promoted and that is the big reason I will like to join Accor.
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INTRODUCTION TO HOSPITALITY3Given below is my Career path milestones in the tabular form. Overall Career Objective (SMART)I want to be a front office department manager in the next 10 yearsCareer path MilestonesActivities required to achieve each milestoneClinton Strength that best support the achievement of each milestoneHow will these strengths be usedin the combination to achieve each milestone? Ideal Completion Date/Time period for each milestone. Getting a jobof food and beverage attendant jobin a hotel. Preparation of Resume and Cover Letter.Learning aboutjobs and responsibilitiesof a food attendant. Attending mock interviews. AchieverLearnerAchiever theme is the one which is building stamina in me for doing this job. Actually, it’s a countdown to the completion. When you are your best as anachiever, it appears propelling yourself as well as other people towardsthe achievement. It is additionally about motivating andoverthrowing more energy than other After completing mycourse, I will apply for this job.
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INTRODUCTION TO HOSPITALITY4individuals. In the end, achiever themewill help in positive, friendly and energetic disposition. It will help to be committed toward delivering excellent service to visitors. I love to learn and that’s why learner theme is applicable tome. The subject which is most intrigued by me will be determined by my different experiences and topics, however, whatever the subject is, I will dependably be prepared for the learning procedure. More than results especially energizing for me. This will help me in getting the orders and serve visitors asks it timely,
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