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IS 187 PROJECT 2:.

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Added on  2019-09-13

IS 187 PROJECT 2:.

   Added on 2019-09-13

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IS 187 PROJECT 2:Name: _______________a: Create flowchart or psueducode to represent the logic of a program that counts from1 to 100, with a single number per output line. If a number is divisible by the value 4, output the string "Go" instead of the number itself. If the number happens to be divisible by the value 7, output the string "Cards! Instead of the number itself.Finally, if a number is divisible both by the value 4 and the value 7, output the string "Go Cards!" (note the added space) instead of the number. So, the output will start to look like:123Go56Cards!Go910...27Go Cards!29...99
IS 187 PROJECT 2:._1

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