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IS187-PROJECT 1Name _________________All in a Day’s Work is a temporary employment agency. The manager needs to determine how much tax to withhold for each employee. This withholding amount computes as 20 percent of each employee’s weekly pay. The weekly pay is the hourly pay times 40. a. Design an interactive program that displays an employee’s weekly pay and withholding amount. The program should allow the user to input the employee’s first name, last name and hourly pay rate for an employee. Draw the flowchart or write the pseudocode for this program. b. Create a console application in Java for the same problem. Demonstrate your Java program at run time by capturing a screen shot. A sample report is as follows:WITHHOLDING FOR EACH EMPLOYEEFirst NameLast NameHourlyWeeklyWithholdingRatePayAmountBenjaminSmith 25.50 1020204 ...END OF REPORTc: Submit your project in Blackboard. To submit your Java project, first create a zip file for your Java project folder. In Blackboard, click on the Project 1 link. Click on Browse to upload your flowchart/pseudocode, project runtime screen shots and the compressed Java project file. Click on the Submit button to complete the process.
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