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Research andAcademic Skills
Research and Academic Skills1The benefits and issues connected to both online learning and face-to-face learning inhigher educationThe change in the lifestyle of the student and the fast technology development offer them aflexible learning environment. The change in the technology brought the online learning which isone of the fastest growing trends in the higher education (Kemp & Grieve, 2014). Some of theresearch states that student performs better when they get learning through the online than thetraditional learning. On the other hand, some research states that there is no difference betweenthe face-to-face and online learning outcomes. Though, some of the research also reflects thatonline study might work for some of the students who have good understanding skills but no forthe other. In addition, the face-to-face learning might not be suitable for everyone. The currentstudy reflects the comparison and contrasting of different views associated with the benefits andissues connected to both the online and face-to-face learning in the higher education.According to the Moore & Kearsley, 2011, the development of the online degrees and the othereducational programs has sparked a debate in past few years considering the fact that thedistance learning has gained the attention.According to Ko, & Rossen, 2010, online learning provides the facility to the students to accessthe learning material at all times. In addition, the author shared that online learning in highereducation provides the flexibility of time to the students. Therefore, the students can maintaintheir job or work along with their study easily which is one of the major benefits and not possiblein the face-to-face learning. Contradicting it, Crawford-Ferre & Wiest, 2012, says that traditionallearning method is beneficial for the student as this offer the unique experience to the studentswhere they can easily interact face-to-face with their tutor and professors which is not possible in
Research and Academic Skills2the online learning. In addition to this, the author shared their opinion regarding the eveningclasses in the higher education that provide the benefit to the students. Therefore, this reflectsthat the students can maintain their education with work and job profile. Moreover, the studentcan develop their social network with a peer when they visit the university which is again notpossible in the online learning.According to the Paechter & Maier, 2010, the online learning provides the benefits to thestudents for the selection of the course that they want to prefer. The student prefers the courses inwhich they are interested due to which they are able to score higher grades. In addition, there isthe availability of the wide variety of the subjects that help the company to fulfill the educationalneeds of the student. Moreover, the online programs allow the student to obtain the degreeswithout any regular visit to the university and at low cost. Therefore, they prefer online learningin the higher education. On another hand, contradicting the same Bachour, Kaplan, &Dillenbourg, 2010 said, face-to-face learning in the higher education offers the hands-onapplication through the facility of the on-job training programs which is beneficial for thestudents in the higher education which is one of the ways to score higher grade. All thesefacilities are offered by the universities and not by the online learning. Moreover, in university,the tutors and instructors can share their life experience with the students which is one of thebenefits of the regular visit to the university. This is one of the effective ways through whichthey motivate the students and this results in the effective and better learning outcomes. Though,the students have to pay a high amount for attaining the classes.The study reflects the benefits of the online learning and the face-to-face learning in the highereducation which reflects that both the learning can provide the benefits to the students in one orother ways it totally depends on the understanding skills of the student. Along with the benefits
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