ISTC3008-01 Web Page Usability & Programming.

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ISTC3008-01 Web Page Usability & ProgrammingProjectDue: Wednesday Nov 30th at 11:59pm – No extensionsObjective: Make a fully dynamic hosted website while working with a “Client”What to do: You will be scripting and deploying a full-scale ecommerce website. Dr. Bahm will be your “Client.”System Requirements:-You will be getting login information to be able to deploy your website using a cloud based web host (AWS)-Your website MUST be hosted on this server instance-Your website must have the followingoThe ability for customers to shopWhat will be provided for you-Amazon web services hosting space-Database with productsoVariety of products....similar to an “Amazon” type store-Access to your “client”Usability Requirements:-Your project will be graded based on usability principles.-Full scale project development including planning documents (outlined in more detail below) and usability testingCustomers must be able to...-Browse products to buy-Select products to buy-View their cart-Buy the product-Get a confirmation that they have bought the productPlanning Documents Requirements:-All planning documents from the usability portion of this class must be turned in-Planning documents may include:oWebpage wireframesoAudience analysis

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