IT Risk Management: Case Study of ENISA Big Data

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IT Risk Management
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1. Provide a brief overview of the case study and prepare a diagram for the ENISA Big
Data security infrastructure
Enisa’s Threat Landscape 2016 contains the Security of Big Data. Today, cyber attacks
are focused on asset of internet in the form of Big Data (, 2017). But recent
developments have shown that it is going to become most prominent tool for security
professionals. Charm of Big Data is that it records the patterns and builds a sort of intelligence
about the threats that has happened or is going to happen in the future. Enisa is intended to
provide enhanced cyber security to the European Union and its Member States by identification
of Big Data Security Challenges (, 2017). In the following case study discussion
of threats posed by cyber terrorists and criminals are dealt and the way to tackle them in the
realm of Big Data is discussed. Actually, Big Data is the type of technology, the tool and the
analytics of data which is used to process huge amount of data as one entity or separate entities.
This report focuses on the challenges of information security and also lays emphasis on the
changes Big Data has brought in the business world. We are observing a revolution caused by
digital data, automation of systems and computation and digitization of every device available.
All the activities of humans, machines and even work done in industries are amounting to data in
every form. Everything is quantifiable into data (Brewer, 2015). Amount of data is increasing by
unprecedented rate and to collect that much amount of data is becoming a daunting task. Big
Data is being used by research institutes, scientists, and corporate gurus for analyzing patterns
and to build new Big Data technologies (, 2017). Business men are collaborating
with technology providers to build new systems of collection and analysis of large amount of
data and to process them very fast. New business models are being developed in which Big Data
analysis is being done faster than before with much precision and with pin perfect accuracy. It
can be said that Big Data development is still in its research phase but the current rate of
development will soon see it to its maturity. One of the biggest problems in the case of Big Data
is security. Big Data systems are multifaceted and heterogeneous and to design security of this
type of system should be holistic without any lose ends. Day by Day new technologies are being
integrated into the Big Data systems which raises new kinds of security issues which needs to be
handled. In the following report we will be discussing security problems of various facets which
are encountered by Big Data Systems. These security issues are Authentication and access
control, Security of Data Management, Filtering and Source Validation.
2. Out of the ‘’Top threats’’ which threat would you regard to be the most significant
and why?
The biggest threat in case of Big Data Security management is that of the privacy. Concerns
related to the privacy of data and other issues related to it are the most vital ones which need to
be addressed as a top priority (, 2017). Privacy in the realm of Big Data denotes
the blocks of data which is identifiable information which is used to create identity of any person
or entity. When an expert designs the security of Big Data system, there are certain points which
are kept in mind for their further move. The kind of personal data is being shared and with whom
is the first concern. Second concern is the privacy and authentication of the cyber network on
which the data is being shared, to ensure that the data is not being viewed by any undesirable
entity across the network. This also raises concern of unlawful communication. The third
concern is of anonymous communication (Chen & Storey, 2012). It is strictly denied that any
anonymous is communicating with the system which can lead to a disaster for the security of the
system.There are many experts who advocate about the business opportunities created by the Big
Data system but some people are reluctant about the infinite possibilities of threats that can be
posed by private data collectors. Here in Big Data systems profile data is not the cause of
concern but the personal data which can be misused in infinite ways if put in wrong hands.
Protection of data by using the knowledge, technologies, tools and programs can be done but a
greater risk is created by compiling and making available huge amount of data at one place.But
at the same time cyber security systems and processes are tailored to protect and analyze data
from potential threats which can be caused by latest technologies of data management and
As it can be said that cyber security is an addition to the system of Big Data, privacy of data
is magnified when the data transactions create large number of logs which in itself becomes a
data which is visible and has to be protected. A certain number of logs are for the viewing of the
users as they are confidential information which can be exploited in different ways
(, 2017). In Big Data systems not all of the available data is relevant for its users.
Only few of the data systems are being used and the rest are view protected and access protected.
If one user wants to look into the data he is not authorized to then he won’t get through the
system. As Big Data systems are complex and are layered they are designed to that purpose for
the confidentiality.
3. Identify and discuss the key Threat Agents. What could be done to minimize their
impact on the system? Based on the data provided, discuss the trends in threat
There are number of threat agents which can compromise the security of Big Data Systems
of an organization which needs to be identified and rectified on a priority basis. The following
are some of the key threat agents:

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