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ITECH7409 Software Testing: Assignment

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Federation University of Australia


Software Testing (ITECH7409)


Added on  2020-02-23

ITECH7409 Software Testing: Assignment


Federation University of Australia


Software Testing (ITECH7409)

   Added on 2020-02-23

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ITECH7409 Software Testing: Assignment_1
SOFTWARE TESTING2IntroductionSoftware Testing is concept used in evaluating if software has bugs with aim of fixingexisting errors. In the processing of testing software, it is also meant to validate and verify ifsoftware meets its end products. In the process of testing software, it is expected that, the entireprocess has to conform and adhere to international set standards in order to achieve requiredstandards. Software testing standards are already set rules and guidelines which are meant to befollowed and be met by all software designers. If a given software does not conform tointernational set standards, it may be regarded incomplete and cannot be allowed in the businessmarket because it may pose some risks to other software during platform cross transactions(Black, 2011). With diverse working environment and software projects becoming sophisticatedthan technological complex that can be accommodated in the market. Specific software canundergo various tests while trying to access its capability to function as required by internationalset standards. In the process of software testing, the main idea is to evaluate the quality ofsoftware before it can be deployed in the market for use by various businesses. In relation to allstakeholders in software project management, software developers are the main stakeholderswho should ensure the right quality has been met during development. To achieve desiredsoftware quality, it should not be an instance of a specific point but an entire process fromplanning stage. Once software idea has been hatched, quality should be at topmost in order toalign it to both international and national standards. International standardsThere are many international standards that ought to be met by all software developers inorder to make sure software is an international product rather than regional. For a software to beaccepted internationally, it has to conform to all international standards. In this case, ISO is the
ITECH7409 Software Testing: Assignment_2
SOFTWARE TESTING3main standard which has to be met by all software applications. ISO standards is an internationalregulations and rules which all software developers are expected to meet with aim of makingtheir products of value. According to Hass (2008), all international standards regarding softwaretesting has to be drafted in accordance with ISO directives. ISO was prepared by corporation ofJoint Technical Committee (ISO) which was assisted by IT subcommittee SC7 which deals withsoftware and system engineering. The owner of ISO standards is ISO and was published year2006. This article mainly covers software usability test as it has been outlined from ISO 9241-11which focuses on effectiveness, efficiency and its satisfaction to all its users worldwide. Toconform to international standards, some software metrics has be met as outlined in part two ofISO standards. The scope of international standards is set to focus on reporting measures thattarget on software usability test. These standards are set to be used by all stakeholders in supplierorganizations regarding usability as reported by organizational customers. Similarly, it focuseson usability verification on whether a particular report is in line with other internationalstandards governing software testing (Limaye, 2009). Additionally, this standard addressessoftware human factors on usability as reported by professionals on software usability testing.Finally, it covers all other technical professionals and supervisory level management incustomers’ organization who are mandated in using results from test procedures while makingbusiness decisions about product suitability of purchasing certain products. In order to understand ISO standards in regard to software testing, it is very important tograsp its ways of operations, key terms as applied globally and importance of using ISOstandards in software testing (Desikan & Ramesh, 2006). Some of the key terms applicable inISO software quality are; software quality model which explains available models which shouldbe followed in order to deliver quality software which aligns with international standards.
ITECH7409 Software Testing: Assignment_3

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