Ajax, jQuery, JSON and REST API for CodeIgniter Web Application


Added on  2019-09-18

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It’s a php CodeIgniter and the first part completed. I only needto get help on the ajax, jquery, json and REST api to work inthis assignment. All the information and steps are writtenBelow.To install the code follow these instructions.1.Download a zip file and extract if needed.2.UNZIP the file.3.Edit the config/database.php file to match localhost if needed connection details.4.Edit the config/config.php file to set the base_url value.5.Use an FTP program to copy it into a directory in your directory on the server6.Set up your database tables on the database server. Copy the contents of create.sql. Then open PHPMyAdmin database account. Click on the 'SQL' tab and paste the SQL code into the SQL editor. Run the code to set up the tables.7.Now check that the application runs by typing a URL or localhost.8. If you have any questions or problem, then contact me by email at proxero7@gmail.com
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