Assignment Of Job Analysis

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Running head:Job analysisJOB ANALYSIS
Job analysis2Job analysisFor performing the job analysis, I will be using the primary Research method i.e. theQuestionnaire method.In this method, a questionnaire is being sent or mailed to the respondents who are anxious andthe individuals will understand, and give their opinion about it and return back the questionnaireafter submitting their response. Moreover, the questionnaires consist of a quantity of questionsthat are either written or typed in a specific order on a form or the set of forms. (Dillman, D.A,2014)I will be also conducting a Pilot Study which is the trial of the main survey which needs to beconducted for testing the questionnaire for the weaknesses and the strength of the questions andfor the techniques that will be used. Since questionnaires are important in making a final decisionabout the are being studies, it becomes important to keepquestionnaire small and precise.Furthermore,the questions should carry on in a logical succession that should also avoid anyuse of Scientific terms and the formless expressions. It is important to check the reliability of theinformation source, hence the questions for checking the reliability should be only included inthe form. Moreover, Adequate space must be provided for answering or for their feedbacks orreviews as per their view point Last but not the least, the physical appearance of the paper mustbe attractive that should take the attention of the respondents and they should be attractedtowards it and fill the questionnaire more effectively.( Weigold, A.,2013)
Job analysis3AdvantagesQuestionnaires has some inherent advantages that helps in making a unbiased decision. Sincethere are many people answering a questionnaire, it takes multiple views in account and makethe final work from from the biases of the interviewer. Respondents have sufficient time toprovide for their views and answers. Moreover, Respondents are easily and convenientlyapproachable. To provide a reliability to the set of questions large samples are being used.(Palinkas, L. A,2015)Problems in performing the job analysisPerforming a job analysis can be an arduous task due to a few major problems posed by the toplevel management and data misinterpretation. For example, if a top level management doesn’tprovide the right support and information, it becomes challenging to come up with a detailedanalysis of a job. Data interpretation is another vital element that should be handled carefully.Any misinterpretation of data will result in error induction throughout the analysis and wrongconclusion. Furthermore, if an interviewer is relying on single source of information, resultsgenerated will be biased and one dimensional. Last but not the least, participants shouldprovide an honest opinion. Hence, lack of support from participants will lead to incorrectanalysis of the job at hand.
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