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Report On Job Analysis | Comfort Assisted Living

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Added on  2019-09-30

Report On Job Analysis | Comfort Assisted Living

   Added on 2019-09-30

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Running head: JOB ANALYSIS
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Part A- Job Analysis
Job analysis is a process that is conducted in an organization with the aim to review the
difference between two similar job positions. It takes place when the position that is being
discussed is thought to be different from other position. Thus, job analysis is required to analyze
the position to ensure that the position is static and the selected tools of analysis is appropriate.
The report reviews the information on job analysis given about two positions in Comfort
Assisted Living and to identify the addition information that is required. Further, the paper
justifies the type of job analysis method that will be used and the ethical consideration that might
arise from the job analysis (Cascio, 2015). Lastly, a comparative study is conducted between the
position decryption of Senior HR specialist given in internet with that of Mr. Williams.
Reviewing Information on Job Analysis and its Relation to Job description and
The job analysis given in the supplemental information on Deputy VP of HR and Senior
HR specialist only states the responsibility and the role that the employees in both the position is
required to perform in the organization. Deputy VP of HR shows the responsibility of the person
that will come in position and the job analysis of Senior HR specialist shows the responsibilities
and duties performed by Mr. Williams. This job analysis is different from the advertisements
given in job description and classification because they offer much extended information such as
qualification required for the position, the salary structure and others (Morgeson et al., 2016).
Job description states what the job covers such as tasks, responsibilities, duties, powers, benefits
and others required for the job. Analysis on the other hand are short description of
Report On Job Analysis | Comfort Assisted Living_2
responsibilities related to the job position. In addition to this, job position is made with
consultation of the senior management of the organization (Naim, et al., 2015). However, job
analysis also include other employees and their knowledge in collecting information such as to
know the job role of the existing positions.
Addition Information required to Justify Mr. Williams claim
The job analysis given in the document about both the positions in the organization are
not enough for determining whether Mr. Williams is right in his claim or not. This is because the
analysis only covers the responsibilities that both the position requires top perform in the
organization. Most of the duties are similar for both the position and the information are too
limited. Thus, extended information will be required to justify the claim made by Me. Williams
such as the qualification required for both position, expertise required and other, even the
organizational structure showed in the job analysis document does not show the level of Senior
HR specialist clearly. Thus, the organizational structure should be revised to show the level of
Senior HR specialist in the organization compared to Deputy VP of HR. these addition
information will help in analyzing the level of similarities and differences between the position
description of these two jobs and determine whether Mr. Williams is correct in his claim or not.
In addition to this, information is also required on complaints received about Mr. Williams
recently. This will help judge whether the organization has come up with new position for
business needs or to terminate Mr. Williams. The claim made by him can also be supported or
defended depending on his behavior in the organization.
Methods of Job Analysis
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