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Running head:Job descriptionJOBDESCRIPTION
Job description2Job descriptionWhile looking at the Job description on the internet for the requirements of the role and that ofthe deputy VP role the one mentioned below comes across as a gap from that of Mr. William’scurrent duties which are being mentioned in the question. They need to follow the timeline thathas been made as per the proposal.As it is being analyzed he is not able to perform or was not able to match the standard which hasbeen majorly seen while estimating. Moreover, it has been also analyzed that there was a huge
Job description3gap as he was not able to currently develop the organizational strategy or objectives. (Mayan, M.J,2016)The responsibilities of the senior HR is basically rotates around the placement and therecruitment of employees. So staring from their job description it may vary from screening thejob candidates and conducting the interviews and selecting them and providing orientation tonew employees.A job description is a document which describes the job duties and the responsibilities of theorganization.Also, helps the potential individuals to decide by seeing the job description that the job issuitable for them or not.We can include the following aspects like:The title of the jobJob holder reportingShort description of the jobDateList of duties that the job holders have to undertake once they selected in the company.In the stage of job description, one of the major steps is to determine the skills required for thejob, qualities, knowledge, experience, qualification required for the particular job. The criteriashould be:
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