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Job Description1Home Improvement CenterDATE: Sep, 9, 2017JOB TITLE: Supervisor (Night Shift)LOCATION: Canal WinchesterWORK SCHEDULE: 10 p.m. -6 a.mDEPARTMENT: HousewaresREPORT TO: Store ManagerSUPERVISES: Hourly Night EmployeesSALARY: $ 35 to $38Job type: Full-timeJob summary:The retail shift supervisor assists the manager of store in executing daily needs of the store operations during scheduled shifts. The Retail night shift supervisor will be responsible for the effective scheduling of employees and ensure the staffing levels in delegating the responsibilitiesto the employees to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction. The job also requires the high level of responsibility as the supervisor has to ensure that the lifting will be done accurately and the vehicles will be departed at the set times of dispatch. Will maintain proper maintenance of all equipment’s, machines, vehicles and other facility services within the department. Will be needed actively at sites and have active participation in deliveries.Job requirements: 2+ years of experience in retail industry. Poses a leadership back round, Proficiency must be needed in computer skills- Word, excel or a bachelor’s degree in equivalent course required, possess excellent problem-solving skills and have the ability of building relationship with managers and employees, possess written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, excellency in delegating the responsibilities and should be multi-tasking.Duties and responsibilitiesRequires overall execution of the housewares operation, clear communication to all the housewares teams of the daily action plan, training to all the housewares down level staff in terms of company policies and practices, provide commitment and maintain excellent standard ofcustomer service on all residential rentals, maintain and monitoring of inventory, prepare the product for the upcoming deliveries, rightly receiving and accounting of product delivered to the department, managing and maintaining all equipment’s, machines ,vehicles and other facilities within the department, managing and creating the processes that drives and monitors performance. Duties may include the accounting issues, maintenance issues, personnel issues, inventory control and the best customer services. Assist in Managing the operations and support to field locations and ensuring orders to be loaded and dispatched economically.
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