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Role and Effects of Journalism | Essay

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Added on  2019-09-16

Role and Effects of Journalism | Essay

   Added on 2019-09-16

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Running head: JournalismThis research essay talks about the role and the effects of journalism and social media on society.These new media, journalism and society are interconnected with each other. This essay willfocus on the role of the journalism with the new media and its impact on the society. ThisResearch essay will include how the mass media industry has developed and improved in termsof the accessibility, influence, and impact on the society. With the development of technology,people also show great interest in other mediums like internet and mobile phones. News is saidto the important information that is conveyed to another individual through the different mode ofchannels. Newspapers are the oldest mode of communication and it is considered to be the bestmodel for conveying the information. Looking at the previous data, in the year of 1994, there arearound more than 14,000 newspapers that distributed among the population of 55 billion people.With the passage of time, the news is more accessible than ever before through the medium ofTelevision, internet and social sites. Talking about the journalists, they basically use their powerand status to emphasize on the perception of the society regarding the benefits of the journalism [CITATION CTh13 \l 1033 ]. The journalism with a sense of some objective had only been seen intwo professions- one is teaching and the other one is a ministry. The current debates around the journalism indicates the inaccuracies and the issues in the newmedia and its impact on the society. In a study of the American Society of Newspapers, 80% ofthe journalists publish the sensational stories not because they found it important for the societybut they publish these stories to increase its sale [ CITATION LLa163 \l 1033 ]. The people in thetoday’s world also aware of the importance of the news and they know very well that thejournalists dramatize the stories to gain the attention of the people. Journalism, Media and society are interconnected with each other. However, Journalist conveystheir important information through the medium of television, newspapers, internet etc to the1
Role and Effects of Journalism | Essay_1
Running head: Journalismpeople in the society. Cross-cultural comparisons show that the structure of the mass media mayhave a strong impact on political developments, and the mass media are highly affected by manydynamics. New changes in technology have further influenced the effect of media. However,media argue that mass media are not able to fulfill their role due to many problems that arepresent in society [ CITATION NNe09 \l 1033 ].According to the Classical Marxist approach, mass media are implicit to track the ideologicalbenefit of the leading class in society. On the other hand, the liberal approach examines themedia as facilitating social terms and conditions by the way of diversifying the information andconflicting opinion. A literature review also states that although the media have a tremendousrole in exchanging of information, the start up of press freedom has created room for changesthrough unethical mass communicators and motivates the people in society. Much of this couldhave a great impact on the media consumer in a society and culture. Without any doubt, thedifferent modes of communication are part and parcel of the culture of any society. Somesocieties have introduced new modes of communication and traditional methods ofcommunication show marginalized, particularly among the youth people [ CITATION CTh13 \l1033 ].The new media and the journalism have changed the life of the people as it has a great impact onthe society. The communication become better between the journalists and society through thenew social media. Communication is the process of exchanging and sharing of ideas, views andinformation from one person to another person. Whereas the mass media is defined as the2
Role and Effects of Journalism | Essay_2
Running head: Journalismtechnological means of sharing information, ideas, views and opinions through the masscommunication devices for the different audience. A message can be transferred to the massaudience by number of ways. The oldest media are newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and booksand this type of form is called as printed media. Another medium is the electronic medium whichoffers an entertainment, opinions and information through the mode of Radio. One more form ofmass media is television that also comes under the electronic medium. Social media refers toradio, newspapers, cinema, television, and the internet [ CITATION JAl10 \l 1033 ]. It consists of avariety of modes by which senders can record information and transmit them to a large numberof people quickly. The mass media play a tremendous role in our lives. We are showered bymedia messages on daily basis. Today, most of the information that we get to know about ourlocal, national and international news is only through these mass media, which is very differentfrom the situation before 1999. As per the records, TV and the internet were introduced in 1999and mobile phones in 2003. The information and views shared through these channels have agreat impact on routine lifestyle [ CITATION NNe09 \l 1033 ]. Through the channel of media, people came to know about the country's five year plans,development programs, and education systems, and this information encouraged people tobecome part in the development of the country. Therefore, understanding the important role ofmass media and, its impacts on society and culture, and determining its future direction hasbecome very significant [ CITATION NFC12 \l 1033 ]. The Ministry of Information andCommunication, conducted media impact studies in the year 2008 and 2013, which shows thetrends of media evolution, its impacts and challenges. There are many benefits to the journalistic organizations with the development of the technologyas it brings new methods of the communication. The new technology has eliminated all the3
Role and Effects of Journalism | Essay_3

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