JTT Insurance Corporation | Management Case Study

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Part 1Answer 1Don was appointed as the vice president of the JTT insurance corporation. He wants to bringchanges in the management of the employees. He wants such changes with which the employeesof the organization are treated in an efficient manner. He felt that the motivation level of theorganization is very low. The first thing which he wants is an improvement in the motivationlevel of the employees. Improving their morale and motivation level helps him in motivatingthem to their responsibilities and obligations in an efficient manner. Improvement in moralehelps him in achieving the ultimate objectives and goals of the organization (Hill, 2014). Dongives efficient efforts to change the way of employee's treatment. All this is done by him byconducting a survey on the line of roles and responsibilities of everyone. This will help him inmeasuring the functions of every employee and identify who is performing and who is not. Allthis is done because after conducting his observations he finds that the morale level of theemployees is very poor. Improvement in moral gives significant opportunities to theorganization. All this requires that the management of the organization manages in an absoluteway from top level management to lower level management. By doing so, he will able toenhance the motivation level of the employees in a significant manner. Don make this hispriority because he understands the importance of motivation in the accomplishment of its1
overall objectives. Don introduced a letter which is known as the feedback form. It is designedfor the employees so that their feedback can receive on the managers, on how they are treatingwith them (Ward, 2016). In addition, feedback for working conditions and grievances also takenfrom the employees. Therefore, Don introduced a policy which is known as open door policy.With the help of this policy, divisional employees of the organization could directly talk to himand can discuss their problems. The discussion between them is kept confidential without givingany knowledge to immediate supervisors of the organization. For the effective managementpurpose, don introduces a claims management credo practice. It mainly outlined somephilosophies which are necessary to follow by the managers of the organization. Don conductlarge efforts to introduce different doctrine measures that could be helpful in bringing change inthe staff satisfaction and the management of the JTT. It develops a list of all doctrine changesand passes it to the claim managers of the organization. It is passed to them to select the bestmanagement philosophies and actions which might bring successful changes in the performanceof the organization. All managers kept accountable with the success of the philosophies. Variousefforts are conduct to bring required changes and also develop reasonable and clear guidelineswhich fostering a healthy work environment and enhancing teamwork between all staff members(Rothaermel, 2015).However, some forces are also there which straining the efforts of Don in bringing significantchange. In the given case, some managers of the organization are not comfortable with the2

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