Information Technology for Airline Ticket Management

Added on - Oct 2019

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Justification:Now days almost every person uses the technology (internet) for daily uses, we do not havemuch time to book airline ticket manually from the booking counter. Or make a long queue inthe ticket booking counter to know the ticket availability or any other information. We allneed a system where we can able to check the seat availability in the airline can book theticket from home or can check the ticket price and seat position. The use of informationtechnology for airline ticket management system not only reduces the time consumption butit also reduces the work load, and minimizes the human errors. Using the technology we gotaccuracy in work place it will helpful for the passenger, staff members of Australian airline aswell as the administrators of the Australian airlines. Followings are the reason to useinformation technology in the Australian airlines:Improved Performance:Using information technology in Australian airline we can reduce the manual work,passenger can check the seat availability, airline schedule, ticket price online no need to makea queue in the booking counter and it will definitely improve the airline performance.Increase Efficiency:If we use information technology we also increase the efficiency in proposed system, sincemost of the work will be automated it will save the time and manual work load,Better Control:The information system provide the control of the system, only authorized person have accessthe information,
Enhance Security:In the new proposed system we provide the login details to the entire user, so only authorizeduser can access the new system and every user access is predefined so they can access onlythat information which is granted for them.Business case Details of Australian airline:Australian airline is a group of airline, and every airline has unique identifier number, everyairline has multiple numbers of aircraft, for one flight the Australian airline uses one aircraft.The passenger can book the flight seat, every passenger details are recorded in the airlinesystem when they book the seat in flight. A passenger can book multiple seats on multipleflights and multiple passengers can book seat in one flight. When passenger booking is donethe details of seat and the ticket amount is recorded in the system.Business benefits of Australian airline:We always consider benefits in mind when we are going to make new system, similarly incase of Australian airline we expected the benefits from the propose information system. Inthe new system we reduce the manual work and most of the work is completed by thecomputer system so it will reduces the chance of human error, and this will help to increasethe productivity of the Australian airline system. If we provide the better facility to thecustomer or passenger we can satisfy our customer and it will help to increase our business inthe airline market.
Scope of proposed Australian airline:Followings are the Project scope of the proposed Australian airline system:1.New proposed system allows booking the ticket online without going to ticketcounter.2.The passenger can check the ticket availability and the ticket fair using theinformation system3.The administrators of the airline system can check the flight details, available seatdetails and the aircraft details.4.Administrators can check the ticket booking and the recorded money; they cancheck the schedule of the flight and can modify and schedule new flight for theairline.5.The system will store all airline details, aircraft details, flight details in asystematic manner.6.The system provides credential to the entire respective user, so they can use thecredential to use the system online.Cost analysis of Australian Airline System:Following are the cost analysis table for the proposed Australian airline information system:CategoryItemsQuantityPriceTotalEquipmentWorkstationsoftware102,50025,000Server13,5003,500Printers31,5004,500Network CableInstallation14,5004,500
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