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Last Name 21st paragraph: Introducing the topicThe topic and the article that has been taken into consideration for carrying out this study is "An examination of the impact of a college level. The topic is all about competing pressures with regards to the college life that tends to enhance the anxiety and stress in the college students and have negative results on the overall well-being as well as the academic performance. Thesis statement- Meditation can impact directly to the well-being of the students in a positive manner in their stressful lifestyles. The main purpose of the assignment is to examine how the authors have shown the benefits of meditation. Furthermore, the study will also highlight meditation as one of the strongest components for the higher education students as it is beneficial in establishing the credibility of this practice in higher education institutions. 2nd paragraph: Summary of the target articleThe article clearly highlighted that the students become much more compassionate and mindful as well as they also experienced psychological well-being from practicing meditation. The qualitative analysis of the study also revealed that mediation has the power of exploring the emotional states that tend to support the self-actualization process and enhance the well-being of college students to a great extent. The higher educational system is quite stressful as known by everyone so beating the stress naturally meditation can be quite useful. These stressors are regarded as the demon with regards to negatively affecting the well-being of the students and influencing their productivity in their personal lives, schools, and etcetera. Hence, it is an absolute necessity for the universities for assisting their students in their proper journey to their adulthood. By exploring the emotions and mind of the

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